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A couple of weeks ago for Hallo­ween, we hosted a photo contest through which the winners would receive a free one-year Mikogo Pro plan. One such lucky entry was Gary Mathias who entered a Hallo­ween photo of his friends’ dog in the contest on our Face­book page. We chatted with Gary this week about his expe­ri­ence of Mikogo and how he will be putting his new Mikogo busi­ness plan to use.

Introducing Serendipitous Solutions

Seren­di­pi­tous Solu­tions is a Michigan-based company specia­li­zing in mobile design services. In a nuts­hell, they take your website design and provide you with a design which is compa­tible and looks good on mobile devices. Why? Because this helps your busi­ness connect with all those people who visit your website using a smart­phone or tablet and keeps these visi­tors on your website.

Visit the Seren­di­pi­tous Solu­tions website for more info and a (cool!) video on their home­page about mobile design.

Mikogo: Why did you start using online meetings? How long have you been using Mikogo?
Gary Mathias: I started using Mikogo a year or so ago because I was deve­lo­ping our presen­ta­tion and some projec­tions for the busi­ness with an asso­ciate in Traverse City, Michigan. That’s 180 miles from my office, so Mikogo became a great resource as we could screen share ideas.

Exactly – doing busi­ness with people at a distance but without trave­ling is the key problem solved by online meetings. What features do you like most in Mikogo?
The feature I like the best is the ability to embed Mikogo directly onto my website (i.e. Session Login Inte­gra­tion) to allow clients to log in directly from there. It serves two purposes for me: it gets custo­mers on my website and it makes it super easy to get them into a Mikogo meeting.

Now with this busi­ness plan, how will you use it? For which use case?
I started by adding my company logo into the soft­ware so clients see it when they join my Mikogo meetings.
My plans going forward with Mikogo are for sales presen­ta­tions – why travel to one appoint­ment, when I can do two or more with Mikogo?

We couldn’t agree with you more Gary! Enjoy your free Mikogo plan 🙂

Halloween contest winner

The Winning Photo:

Look out for more contests for your chance to win a free Mikogo Plan.

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