Web Meetings: Freedom to Expand Abroad

If you’re already a Mikogo user, or even if you’re just a first time visitor to our blog, you’re no doubt aware of all the talk these days about virtual web meetings. But are you truly maxi­mi­zing the bene­fits of desktop sharing tech­no­logy to the grea­test degree? Are you one of the Mikogo users who when asked about Mikogo reply with “We just wish we had located the service sooner” (Sean Rowen, EZre­gister)?
You have no doubt that online meetings save travel time – so why am I about to tell you that meeting soft­ware can actually increase the likeli­hood of busi­ness trips? Do you think you can get the best of both worlds from web meetings?

Web Meetings can Enhance Travel Possibilities

When people discuss web meetings a few facts are commonly mentioned: the incre­asing ease and avai­la­bi­lity of web confe­ren­cing, the reduc­tion in lost worker hours, increased confe­rence parti­ci­pa­tion, and most importantly, how meeting on the Web can substan­ti­ally cut a company’s expenses. But one advan­tage is often over-looked: extra time to move abroadand connect with colle­agues and clients in other states/countries.

But wait, aren’t web meetings supposed to free us from travel? Of course that is one option and one way to see it, but it is a fact of the modern economy that most of today’s major compa­nies are multi­na­tional, with bran­ches in many count­ries on several conti­nents. The rela­tive ease of air travel and border crossing means that more owners travel to their over­seas loca­tions more frequently, and more local cont­acts expect regular visits. However, sche­du­ling can quickly become a problem when personnel are required in various loca­tions in a short amount of time. Further­more, sche­du­ling is a massive problem is one person is expected to be in two places at the same time. Unfort­u­na­tely, all-too-often essen­tial home-base opera­tions can end up negle­cted, or some meetings are sacrificed.

Web Meetings Are the Answer

Meeting on the web is easier, less expen­sive, and more acces­sible than ever, meaning that owners and employees are no longer tied down to the home office. If parti­cu­larly skilled tech­ni­cians are needed over­seas this week, they can still attend their usual staff meetings via the Web. If an owner is needed on-site during a critical event in Singa­pore, they can still main­tain close contact with the central office in San Fran­cisco with regular web confe­rences, ensu­ring that vital projects continue to move forward. Killing two birds with one stonecomes to mind in these scenarios.

Many leading compa­nies are begin­ning to realize that web meetings are the answer not only to redu­cing unneces­sary travel, but also to solving these common sche­du­ling diffi­cul­ties. Surpri­singly, busi­nesses that regu­larly use web meetings to main­tain connec­tions with home-or abroad offices can actually increase their personal contact with custo­mers. In the end, isn’t that what busi­ness is all about?

Are you using Mikogo to travel abroad while still atten­ding web meetings back in your home office? Or are you more likely to stay in the office and use meeting soft­ware to attend over­seas meetings?

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