Introducing ‘Industry Benefits’: How Web Designers Rely on Mikogo

Mikogo is an incre­asingly valuable tool for a wide range of indus­tries. To show­case all the profes­sions using our desktop sharing tool to boost the bottom line, we’ve laun­ched a new section of our website. While our indi­vi­dual case studies continue to look at specific compa­nies, our new Industry Bene­fits page offers examples of entire cate­go­ries of busi­ness that rely on Mikogo.
Over the next weeks, we’ll bring you articles and stories from people using Mikogo in a wide range of indus­tries, starting with…. Web Design.

The First of Many to Come: Web Design

Up first: Web Design. Indi­vi­dual contrac­tors and design houses do most of their work remo­tely, so discus­sing the client’s needs or the designer’s concepts can become a hassle, and later support/training calls can be even harder. Mikogo puts client and desi­gner lite­rally on the same page, with the desi­gner first demons­t­ra­ting their propo­sals, and later accep­ting control of the client’s desktop to quickly smooth out glitches.

“In my field, some­times it’s much simpler to be able to connect to the clients’ compu­ters and make neces­sary changes and adjus­t­ments,” web desi­gner Dean Eason told us.

Chris Ward, of a UK web design firm, said that Mikogo’s ease of use has faci­li­tated his job and has made assis­ting clients a simpler and smoother process, while saving a lot of time and effort.

To read more about Mikogo as a tool for web desi­gners, check out the full story here. And be sure to keep an eye out on the Bene­fits page for more industry articles. If Mikogo is already making your busi­ness run better, leave a comment below and tell us about it!

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