Mikogo Web Conferencing with Windows 8 Compatibility

Press Release: Mikogo Online Meetings Compatible with Windows 8

Mikogo Windows 8 Start Session

Mikogo’s latest release of its online meeting service, Version 4.6, has been tested successfully on the pre-release version of Microsoft’s Windows 8 making it a sound and reliable desktop sharing service with Windows 8 compatibility.

Mann­heim, GERMANY June 21, 2012 – With the recent distri­bu­tion of Microsoft’s Windows 8 Release Preview, the Mikogo online meeting service announces its desktop sharing func­tion­a­lity compa­tible with the much-talked about new opera­ting system. As a well-known provider of online meetings for busi­nesses around the world and having now announced Windows 8 compa­ti­bi­lity along with releasing Version 4.6 of its own soft­ware, Mikogo is ready to provide a smooth tran­si­tion for anyone moving to Windows 8.

Micro­soft recently claimed that millions of people around the world are already using a pre-release version of Windows 8, while the opera­ting system’s new look has received praise from tech blogs. With such wide­spread use and inte­rest, it would appear that Windows 8 will be making big and lasting waves with its offi­cial launch this autumn making it vital for soft­ware provi­ders to get their products ready and adapted if needed.

With this in mind, Mikogo has thoroughly tested the latest version of its appli­ca­tion, Version 4.6, and has confirmed that it works flaw­lessly in the new Windows 8 envi­ron­ment. The most talked about change in Windows 8 is its start screen which is a tablet inter­face where users access appli­ca­tions in the form of tiles, referred to as the Metro Start page. Windows 8 users can still access the fami­liar tradi­tional desktop they know from previous versions of Windows. This setup on the new opera­ting system has caused no problems for the Mikogo appli­ca­tion – Mikogo was always desi­gned to run from a PC’s system tray and still does on Windows 8 when users access their tradi­tional desktop.

On top of this, Mikogo’s func­tion­a­li­ties were put to the test on the new opera­ting system which also finished with posi­tive results all around. The main Mikogo features which were tested successfully on Windows 8 include the white­board, switch presenter, remote control, recor­ding, session player, chat, file transfer, appli­ca­tion selec­tion, HTML Viewer, sche­duler, profile manager, multi-monitor support, multiple languages, picture quality, and more.

“We’re very pleased with the results of our soft­ware on Windows 8,” says Matthias Litz, Mikogo’s Product Deve­lo­p­ment Manager. “It’s important that our custo­mers can feel comfor­table upgrading to Windows 8 knowing that our soft­ware will continue to run as expected. Further­more, while Windows 8 is only curr­ently in beta we expect to see fast growth and wide­spread use as Micro­soft push it out in autumn and it’s nice to confi­dently say that we are ready for the offi­cial launch of Windows 8.”

The latest release of Mikogo, Version 4.6, can be down­loaded from http://www.mikogo.comfor Windows 8, other Windows opera­ting systems as well as Mac, Linux and mobile devices.

Press Contact:
Andrew Donnelly
Email: andrew@mikogo.com

About Mikogo
Mikogo incor­po­rates inno­va­tive desktop sharing tech­no­logy to provide an easy-to-use online meeting solu­tion for high-quality online colla­bo­ra­tion. Used by more than 1 million regis­tered users in over 180 count­ries, Mikogo’s custo­mers consist prima­rily of small- to medium-sized busi­nesses. Laun­ched in 2007, Mikogo is provided by the renowned provider of web colla­bo­ra­tion solu­tions, BeamY­our­Screen, whose product range consists of soft­ware solu­tions for online meetings, online presen­ta­tions, and remote support. At present, more than 2,000 corpo­rate custo­mers in over 40 count­ries world­wide are using the BeamY­our­Screen tech­no­logy and bene­fiting from signi­fi­cantly reduced travel time and travel expenses.


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