Web Conference Software Should Save Costs, Not Create Them

Often a company will find that one of its biggest expenses can be the costs asso­ciated with corpo­rate wide meetings or trai­ning sessions. Brin­ging employees to a central loca­tion can be expen­sive. There are trans­por­ta­tion costs, stipends, room rates and hours of employee time lost while trave­ling. One popular new solu­tion to this problem has been the use of web confe­rence soft­ware. Because corpo­rate meetings run in the thou­sands of dollars per event, the start up costs of web confe­ren­cing soft­ware can easily be paid off within a couple of meetings. And with Mikogo, you don’t even cop any expenses to get started – making it a popular choice.

Say Hi to Web Conference Software

Web confe­rence soft­ware allows employees from across the country to connect toge­ther. Most web confe­ren­cing soft­ware, inclu­ding Mikogo, supports appli­ca­tion and docu­ment sharing so that all atten­dees can view and share rele­vant reports, charts and other visual aids. Because of the high quality (in terms of speed and picture quality) of desktop sharing used in web confe­rences, the “atten­dees” still have the valuable eye-witness point of view of any presen­ta­tion mate­rial that may be needed during the confe­rence. This creates a situa­tion similar to being in the same room as each other. 

For those of you who have fami­lia­rized yourself with the Mikogo confe­rence solu­tion, you’ll have no doubt realized the wonderful bene­fits of meeting online as opposed to face-to-face. There is no stress about packing or trave­ling. Atten­dees log in to web confe­rences from their desks and partake in the meeting. One of the grea­test things is that atten­dees can still be connected to the rest of the office. This allows you to have all your files and folders at hand and readily available, all while still parti­ci­pa­ting in the confe­rence at hand. You can review reports, find that vital email, edit docu­ments, etc… Once finished atten­dees simply log off and go back to their normal work. 

Web confe­rence soft­ware supports all types of meetings, whether it is a web trai­ning sessionwith only one speaker followed by a ques­tion and answer period, or a full meeting with discus­sion and visual aids; web confe­ren­cing soft­ware can fill a company’s needs while saving money. Of course, web confe­ren­cing soft­ware has one down­side, you no longer have as many excuses to travel to exci­ting places on the company dime – but from the point of view of manage­ment, this is a strong incen­tive to use web conferencing.

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