Version 5 is Here – Official Launch of VoIP and More!

After lots of brain­stor­ming, dev meetings, and an exci­ting beta stage, we are excited to bring you the latest Mikogo release: Version 5. The soft­ware includes several new features and is available on both Windows and Mac compu­ters. As usual, the soft­ware is free for private users. Custo­mers can also get started and update to Version 5 today. Here is how to do it…

The New Version 5 Features

The big addi­tion to the latest Mikogo release is the offi­cial launch of our Voice Over IP (VoIP) feature. We first released this as a beta feature and some of you may have seen it during its beta phase. The VoIP feature completed a successful beta phase and is now ready for its offi­cial move into the Mikogo Version 5 feature set!

Aside from the offi­cial VoIP feature, you will also find the follo­wing in Version 5:

  • Tele­con­fe­ren­cing – we have local tele­con­fe­rence numbers for over 28 count­ries, all of which are displayed in the Version 5 software.
  • Compa­ti­bi­lity Impro­ve­ments – 100% compa­ti­bi­lity with Windows 8/8.1 and Apple’s OS X Mavericks.
  • Mac Retina Support – users can host and join meetings from a Mac with a Retina Display.
  • Mac Viewer Program – making it even easier for parti­ci­pants to join your meetings from a Mac computer.

These new features and the software’s enhanced OS compa­ti­bi­lity, has resulted in signi­fi­cant enhance­ments for Mikogo.

Getting Version 5

Version 5 Update

You may have already noticed an update noti­fi­ca­tion in your Version 4 soft­ware. If you want the new release with all its features, inclu­ding the offi­cial VoIP feature, you will need to down­load the new software.

You can down­load the new soft­ware from these pages:
Windows Update
Mac Update

Once you down­load the new soft­ware, be sure to enter your account infor­ma­tion. That way all your sche­duled sessions and custom profiles will move into your Version 5 software.

For a quick rundown on using the VoIP feature and tele­con­fe­rence numbers, check out the video below:


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If you have any ques­tions regar­ding updating your soft­ware to Version 5, please don’t hesi­tate to contact us:

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