Mikogo Version 4 is Officially Here!

After a successful beta stage (to those who volun­teered as beta testers – thanks!), we have offi­ci­ally laun­ched Version 4. For those of you who have not tried Version 4 yet, when you update to the new soft­ware you will see a new-look user inter­face, a range of addi­tional features, and it is available on three computer plat­forms: Windows, Mac and Linux – this means you can start a session from either one of these plat­forms and have parti­ci­pants join from the same or one of the other platforms.

Handy Links for Using Mikogo Version 4

Keen to get started with Version 4? Here are a bunch of links that will help you:

Version 4 Tweet

Mikogo Version 4 is now the stan­dard down­load and soft­ware build that we will support on our website. Conse­quently we encou­rage you to update to the new version.

If you have any support ques­tions about getting started with Version 4, please contact our Support Team.

Thanks and hope you enjoy your new Mikogo Version 4 sessions!

Version 4 facebook post

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