Mikogo Tip: Access the Feature Menu in Version 4

For those of you who have only used Mikogo Version 4, you may be very used to acces­sing all Mikogo features from the soft­ware panel that floats on your desktop. However those who remember previous versions of Mikogo (e.g. Version 3) will know that features could be accessed by clicking on the M icon icon in the taskbar’s system tray. If you are new to Mikogo or a long-time user, either way you will be inte­rested to learn that the “old school” feature menu can still be accessed in Version 4 as shown in the image to the right. Read on below for more details.

Acces­sing the menu from the taskbar (for Windows and Linux users) or from the menu bar (for Mac users) is not a great secret nor is there a compli­cated trick to it. You just have to right-click on the M icon. Simple.

When you do this before you’ve started a session, you will see a shorter menu offe­ring you all the pre-session options. The menu you will see is shown in the image above.

You can also open the feature menu during a session which will display a full list of all the main Mikogo features and options, as depicted below:

Mikogo Menu during a session

Note that when you click on one of the options/features, the Mikogo Panel will pop-up on your desktop (assuming it’s mini­mized) and the appro­priate drawer will open. A “tick” will appear next to the feature name that you have opened, as shown for “Parti­ci­pant List” in the image above.

While the pictures above are for the Windows version of Mikogo, the feature menu can also be opened on Linux and Mac compu­ters. You just have to right-click the M icon icon on a Linux computer, and for a Mac computer you can use a Ctrl-click or tap your touchpad with two fingers. The menu on a Linux computer is shown below:

Mikogo Linux menu

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