Mikogo Version 4.3 – Today’s Mandatory Upgrade

We’ve been stress testing both the latest version of Mikogo, Version 4.3, and the previous version, Version 4.2. From this we can confi­dently say that Version 4.3 brings with it greater perfor­mance and stabi­lity in compa­rison to Version 4.2. On top of that, we have also fixed several bugs within the soft­ware which you can read about on our release notespage.

Due to the signi­fi­cant impro­ve­ment in perfor­mance and stabi­lity of Version 4.3 over the previous Mikogo release, we are imple­men­ting a manda­tory upgrade today. Please read on for further details.

Upgrading to Version 4.3

When you next open your Mikogo Version 4 soft­ware (if you’re still using Version 4.2), you will see a noti­fi­ca­tion window as shown in the image below:

Mikogo Version 4.3 Upgrade

Please click “OK” to accept the upgrade. As this is a manda­tory upgrade, selec­ting “Cancel” will close the soft­ware. Selec­ting “OK” will take you to the Mikogo down­load page which corre­sponds to the computer you’re using (Windows, Mac or Linux). You can then click on the “Down­load” button to receive the new soft­ware. This is the process for upgrading to Version 4.3 on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer. We suggest you also remove the previous version of Mikogo from your computer.

If you encounter any issues with this upgrade and do not get taken to the down­load page as by design, you can also do the follo­wing – remove the current version of Mikogo from your computer. Then click the follo­wing link to proceed to the Mikogo website and down­load the new 4.3 soft­ware.

If you have any problems with the upgrade process, please inform us on our Forum.

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