How to Upgrade to the New Mikogo Version 2.0

As of tomorrow, the new Mikogo version 2.0 will replace the current version of the soft­ware. This means that your future Mikogo meetings will now take place using Version 2.0 in conjunc­tion with your current user account.

NEWS: Mikogo v2.0.1 is here and ready for download!

How to Upgrade

To gain access to the new Mikogo soft­ware tomorrow, we recom­mend our users do the following:

1. Unin­stall Previous Mikogo Version
We first recom­mend that you unin­stall your previous version of Mikogo. Before you do this be sure to first close your current Mikogo version, by clicking on the system tray M icon and selec­ting Exit.

Unin­stall Mikogo by opening the Start Menu and loca­ting under Mikogo from within Programs.

On Vista, this will prompt a User Account Control window informing you that uninstall.exe is about to run. Please select “Allow”.
A window will then pop-up asking you to confirm the unin­stal­la­tion. Click “Yes” and the “Unin­stal­la­tion completed successfully” window will appear.

2. Down­load and Install Mikogo v2.0.1
Down­load the new version by clicking here. A window will appear asking you to open Mikogo-Starter.exe.

Once you have down­loaded and saved it, double-click on the Mikogo Starter file to install Mikogo v2.0.1.

On Vista this will prompt a User Account Control window, asking for your permis­sion to start the Mikogo Starter Program. Please click “Continue”.

A quick instal­la­tion will take place. This is very fast and will finish with an M icon on your desktop, the Mikogo welcome screen, and finally the system tray M icon will appear with a noti­fi­ca­tion window above.

Mikogo Started

3. Start a Meeting with Version 2.0.1
Click on the M icon in your system tray and select “Start Meeting”. As this is your first meeting, this will open the Mikogo Settings window.

Mikogo Settings

Enter your user­name (i.e. regis­tered email address), your pass­word and your name in the settings. This info will be saved for your future meetings.

To make life easy, there is no need to register a new account. Your current account will work perfectly on the new soft­ware. If you have forgotten your pass­word, please click here for a new password.

Click Ok, and the meeting will begin. A noti­fi­ca­tion window above the M icon, as well as the Meeting Info window, with the current meeting ID.

Distri­bute the 9‑digit ID to your meeting parti­ci­pants for them to join your free screen sharing.

If you acci­den­tally enter the incor­rect details (user­name or pass­word), you can click on the M icon in the system tray, and select Settings to re-enter your details. If this happens, it is important that you clear out all fields in the settings and then re-enter the user details.

Note: both the meeting orga­nizer as well as the parti­ci­pants will need to update. Parti­ci­pants can receive the new parti­ci­pant program here or by clicking on the “Join Meeting” link on the Mikogo homepage.

Test your Mikogo connec­tion: if you would like to check whether you have properly upgraded and installed the new version, try the following:

  • Click on the M icon in your system tray
  • Select “Join Meeting”
  • Enter meeting ID: 000–000-000

This will connect you to a conti­nual meeting which is a slide show and confirms that you are successfully connected. If you see this, then you have upgraded perfectly and are ready to begin!

For further assis­tance with upgrading, please leave a comment below or on the Mikogo Forum.

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