Amicable settlement between Mannheim City and Mark Zondler

Today and Monday this week, we had a couple of construc­tive meetings with the City of Mann­heim to discuss the further use of the Twitter account @Mannheim. The discus­sions were conducted on a basis of coope­ra­tion and with the goal of aligning the respec­tive interests.

Both sides have come to the conclu­sion that an out-of-court sett­le­ment is curr­ently favor­able and a lawsuit should be avoided. This is because the diffi­cult legal situa­tion is inter­preted differently.

Today at 4:45 PM the following amicable sett­le­ment was reached:

  • Mark Zondler commits to provide his name and a photo on his Twitter account and a decla­ra­tion in the Twitter account Bio section that he does not repre­sent the city. This is to prevent confu­sion with the City of Mann­heim. Further­more, Mark commits to not trans­fer­ring the account to any third party.
  • Mann­heim City with­draws the cease and desist order sent on January 13, 2010. Further­more, the City of Mann­heim has committed to not initia­ting a court procee­ding against Mark Zondler within the next 12 months.

Mark Zondler can continue to use the Twitter account @Mann­heim and it has been made clear and public that the Twitter account @Mannheim does not repre­sent the city of Mannheim.

To read the offi­cial agree­ment between Mark Zondler and the City of Mann­heim, click here.

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