Integrate the Participant Session Login into Your Own Website

In general, when you invite a parti­ci­pant to join a Mikogo session, you no doubt direct them to our Join Session page, get them to enter the session ID and join your session. However if you prefer, it is in fact possible for your parti­ci­pants to go straight to your own website and join from there. So how does this work?
We have created a way for you to inte­grate the session login form directly into your website. This is now available with Version 4.

How do I Integrate the Session Login?

If you visit our Docu­ments page you will find a “Session Login Inte­gra­tion Guide“. This guide contains the HTML code that you will need to copy and paste into your website. Once you have done this, the session login will appear on your website, as shown below, with areas for the parti­ci­pant to enter the session ID and name. And they can select to join the session with the stan­dard connec­tion program or with the HTML Viewer.

Online Meeting Login
powered by Mikogo
Session ID:
Your Name:
Connec­tion Method:
Connec­tion Program
HTML Viewer

What are the Benefits of this?

There are a couple of bene­fits of inte­gra­ting the session login into your website:

  • Firstly, you might find it easier to direct your parti­ci­pants to your own website, which they could already be fami­liar with, rather than going to Some Mikogo users have requested this inte­gra­tion of the session login because they wanted a profes­sional way of getting clients to join their sessions from their company website.
  • Custo­miza­tion – this is probably the grea­test benefit. Because you have direct access to the HTML code of the session login in your own website, there are several ways in which you can custo­mize the session login:
  1. You can trans­late all the texts into your own language. For example, you can change the “Join Session” button text into “Parti­cipar” – if you have a Spanish website.
  2. You can change the color scheme of the session login so it better fits your website and corpo­rate identity.
  3. Finally, you can remove one of the Connec­tion Method options (Stan­dard or HTML) so you only offer your parti­ci­pants one way to join. This is ideal, for example, when you want your parti­ci­pants to join an online presen­ta­tion and only want them to join from the HTML viewer. You can then remove the stan­dard connec­tion method from your website session login.

Down­load the Session Inte­gra­tion Guide and feel free to use the code to add the Mikogo Session Login to your website.
Once you have inte­grated the session login on your website, feel free to leave a comment below and share a link to your website. We would love to, and I’m sure other Mikogo users would too, see your session login pages espe­ci­ally if you have custo­mized it a bit to suit your website and corpo­rate look.

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