‘Search Wars’ – Bing gaining on Google

Traffic coming directly from search engines has moved into the double-digits in the last year. This in itself is reason enough, we believe, to closely follow recent deve­lo­p­ments on the search engine front, where ‘Goliath’ Google is chal­lenged by the as-of-yet ‘David’ Bing.

The October rankings figures for search engines show Google still firmly on top of the game at 70.60%. But compared to September this means a 1% drop and the same goes for Yahoo, who has slid from 16.38% to 16.14%. In contrast Ask.com and Bing have incre­ased their share with 2.62% (+2%) and 9.57% (+7%) respectively.

Clearly, you can’t exactly call this deve­lo­p­ment a “lands­lide”, but does it still indi­cate a trend? Espe­cially regar­ding the impres­sive growth of Bing which was only laun­ched in June 2009. Compa­ring it to its compe­ti­tors, could it be the fun factor of the back­ground image combined with a more stylish and very clean search inter­face, that sets Bing apart and explains its recent growth?

Google certainly appears to take Bing’s leap ahead very seriously indeed, or so it would seem consi­de­ring Google’s announ­ce­ment to re-design their search inter­face: To make sear­ching more user-friendly, Google will intro­duce a side-bar – a feature which Bing already possesses.

So, is this the begin­ning of a new saga in the ’search war’? What role will the changes in the search algo­rithms play? e.g. Google announced that they would include a website’s speed in their algo­rithm. And can we expect a change in Google’s grip on their inte­grity of their search results? — regard­less of whether this might create contro­versy and outrage as is happe­ning right now concer­ning the image results for ‘Michelle Obama’.

What do you think?

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