Sales Presentations – Integrate the HTML Viewer on Your Own Website

Two popular long-stan­ding features of Mikogo are the HTML Viewer and the Website Session Login Inte­gra­tion. The first is an award-winning Mikogo feature which allows parti­ci­pants to join your online meetings directly from their Web browser, without any addi­tional soft­ware or plugin down­loads. The latter involves adding some HTML code to your website to embed the session login form from into your website. We thought it would be great to take both of these features, combine them, and provide a very sleek way for your parti­ci­pants to join your presen­ta­tions from your website using the HTML Viewer.

Let’s Get Integrated!

Just like adding the stan­dard session login, you will need to inte­grate the HTML Viewer session login into your website. For this we have provided some HTML code which is avail­able in this PDF file.

Once you have added the code to your website, you will see the Mikogo session login on your web page:

Join Our Online Presentation
Session ID:
Your Name:
Powered by Mikogo

Now people can join your web presen­ta­tions from your website and without any down­loads.

Note: the connec­tion method options, which were visible when using the stan­dard session login code, are no longer there. This is because this new session login uses the HTML Viewer only. Parti­ci­pants who join using this new session login form will join directly with the HTML Viewer – which can be used for meetings and presen­ta­tions, but not for remote support sessions.

The Benefits

  • Parti­ci­pants can join your Mikogo presen­ta­tions directly from your website without having to go to the Mikogo website.
  • They can join without down­loading any soft­ware. All they need is an Internet connection.
  • They can join from a Windows, Mac or Linux computer. They can even join from a mobile device e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.

Use Cases

Online presen­ta­tions and sales demos. When in the middle of a sales call with a prospect and you want to suddenly share screens, the prospect is unli­kely to want to down­load any soft­ware. This makes the down­load-free option of the HTML Viewer perfect.

Of course your parti­ci­pants can join your online presen­ta­tions with the HTML Viewer from But the advan­tage of this new session login inte­gra­tion is that you can offer for them to join your presen­ta­tions from your own website. During a sales call, it is much easier to direct the prospect to your website, which they are no doubt already fami­liar with, rather than the Mikogo website.

Discus­sion: Are you already using the session login website inte­gra­tion? Will you change and use it just with the HTML Viewer?

Also, please feel free to share your web pages in a comment below with a link to where you have inte­grated the Mikogo session login on your website. Will be great to see!

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