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Premium Features

Premium Features


The Mikogo screen sharing software is free for both businesses and private users.

The free version enables 1 to 1 screen sharing, audio conferencing, remote control, file transfer and chat.

Mikogo Professional and Enterprise include the following premium features:



Set up your meetings in advance with the Scheduler, so you never miss a beat. Reserve a unique session ID then send off an email or calendar invitation.

How to Access the Scheduler:

The Scheduler icon can be found in the Mikogo panel prior to starting a session.

Access the Mikogo Scheduler

Further details: How to Schedule a Mikogo Meeting


Show what you want. Hide the rest. The Application Selection tool gives you full control over which application windows are shown to participants, ensuring your presentation is the center of your client’s attention, not your desktop wallpaper or taskbar notifications. Multiple monitor support for up to 4 screens.

How to Access the Application Selection:

During a Mikogo session, click the Application Selection icon.

Access the Mikogo Application Selection

Further details: How to use the Application Selection


Visualize your best ideas in real-time and keep participants on point with our robust Whiteboard tools. The multi-user feature lets participants draw on the presenter’s screen.

The Annotation Tool lets you highlight your presentation with the click of a button. Annotations automatically fade away without erasing for maximum efficiency.

How to Access the Multi-User Whiteboard:

During a Mikogo session, click on the Whiteboard icon.

Access the Mikogo Whiteboard

Further details: Using the Mikogo Whiteboard

Using the Mikogo Annotation Tool


Some meetings are worth remembering. The record feature captures the screen and VoIP content of your Mikogo meetings. Watch your recordings with the Mikogo Session Player, or convert them to video.

How to Access the Recording Feature:

During a Mikogo session, click on the Recording icon.

Access the Mikogo Recording

Further details: Mikogo Recording and Playback


The Company Logo Branding feature lets you display your own company logo or personal image in the Mikogo panel, keeping the focus on your business or product.

How to Access the Company Logo Branding:

Log in to MyAccount, then click on Feature Settings, and upload your company logo.

Feature Settings

Here’s an example of how it will look:

Mikogo Company Logo Branding

Further details: Add my company logo in the software


For a more professional experience, embed a Mikogo Join Session widget and let your participants connect from your website instead of

For example:

Online Meeting Login
powered by Mikogo
Session ID:
Your Name:
Connection Method:
Connection Program
HTML Viewer

How to Set Up the Website Integration:

Download one of the session login integration guides and embed the code into your website.

Further details: Integrate the Session Login on my website


Invite up to 25 participants to your online meetings with Mikogo Professional.


Experience the benefit of Mikogo’s premium feature set with a free 14-day Mikogo Professional trial.
Trial almost over? Upgrade to Mikogo Professional to keep the premium features.

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