Online Meetings as a Part of Your London Olympics Contingency Plans

As far as global events go, the Olym­pics are probably among some of the most anti­ci­pated, which is very much the case as London 2012 approa­ches. However with everyone’s eyes on the prize, some may over­look the minor to not-so-minor incon­ve­ni­ences that a global event of this magni­tude can cause. Offi­cial esti­mates put the number of tourists due to arrive in London well over numbers that could severely impede your travel time. Why not skip the hassle and have your meetings remo­tely and from the comfort of your own home/office using Mikogo?

Over 3 million people travel on the London Under­ground each day. However, during the Olympic Games, the trans­por­ta­tion system is expected to be flooded with those trave­ling to the games, with 5 million UK spec­ta­tors and half a million inter­na­tional spec­ta­tors. If your work requires you to travel exten­si­vely throug­hout the city for meetings or trai­nings, this increase in passen­gers could impede the ease, speed, and conve­ni­ence with which you travel. Meetings that take place during peak commute times can instead be faci­li­tated with Mikogo. The time you spend travel­ling to and from meeting places during this period could be better spent soli­di­fying your busi­ness rela­ti­onships outside of traffic and crowded tube stations.

Is London ready for this?

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How many compa­nies are not equipped with soft­ware that would allow their employees to be able to work from home? It’s hard to imagine that there are many compa­nies that have not provided for this, conside­ring the chaotic effect an event like the Olym­pics is sure to have on any infra­struc­ture. A recent survey of compa­nies based in London reve­aled that 46% of mana­gers are worried about their level of prepared­ness. Working from home (or remai­ning in the office) and using online meeting soft­ware rather than travel­ling to meet with clients, is the first step to impro­ving busi­ness rela­tions. Allo­wing employees to work from home has the poten­tial to boost produc­ti­vity by giving them the oppor­tu­nity for a flexible working envi­ron­ment. Mikogo’s easy-to-use cross-plat­form online meeting soft­ware enhances the home office even further by incre­asing the effec­ti­ve­ness of each inter­ac­tion espe­ci­ally with those who prefer an easy to launch alternative.

The Mikogo Olympics Contingency Plan

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While the Olym­pics are a reasonable occa­sion to make provi­sions in case your employees need to work from home, making sure your employees are always prepared to work remo­tely is essen­tial for a flexible and dynamic work­place. Studies have shown that a work envi­ron­ment in which employees are peri­odi­cally allowed to work from home can build up effi­ci­ency and disci­pline in the workplace.

Mikogo offers a variety of packages for a number of confe­ren­cing and desktop sharing needs. While you might begin to use it during the Olym­pics, you may realize that the remote working envi­ron­ment can foster important work and customer rela­tions during and after this busy time.

Food for Thought

Are you a Londoner prepa­ring for the morning chaotic commute? What contin­gency plans have you and your company put in place? Have you considered using Mikogo to meet online from home or from your own office rather than travel­ling across town to the offices of clients/associates?


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