Raise Your Hands! Online Meeting Status and Emoticon Symbols

There are many ways to interact during an online meeting: white­board, switch presenter, file transfer, parti­ci­pant pointer, etc. – and all from the conve­ni­ence of everyone’s own desk!

However during a presen­ta­tion, you as the parti­ci­pant might wish to raise a ques­tion but don’t want to inter­rupt the presenter. Alter­na­tively you may want to show your appr­oval or disap­pr­oval about a meeting discus­sion. Such situa­tions are handled easily with the Mikogo emoticon list.

The Online Meeting Emoticon List

Online Meeting Emoticons

During any Mikogo session you can click on the drop-down menu next to your name in the Parti­ci­pant List to open the menu. You’ll be presented with a range of diffe­rent emoti­cons, as shown in the screenshot.

The emoti­cons are quite self-expl­ana­tory but please let me know in a comment below if you have any ques­tions about them.

Whether you are presen­ting your screen or viewing a presen­ta­tion, you can access the emoti­cons at any time. These are very helpful for sending feed­back within the team during a meeting.

For example, let’s say you are the presenter and you are pitching a new busi­ness idea to your company team members, your meeting parti­ci­pants can raise their thumbs using “I agree”.

Or if you are conduc­ting a sales demo to a poten­tial new customer, it would be great if you see the smiley face pop up next to their name – great feed­back on a successful sales pitch!

Further Features
You will also see three addi­tional features at the bottom of the list:

  1. Rename – this allows you to change how you are named in the parti­ci­pant list
  2. URL Push – this opens a small window where you can paste a web link (e.g. http://www.mikogo.com) and click Send. All parti­ci­pants will then receive this on their end and can click to visit the link you sent.
  3. Change color – This changes your parti­ci­pant color next to your name and will also then be reflected in the color of your chat messages and parti­ci­pant pointer.
Happy meeting participants

Happy meeting participants!

Discus­sion: Do you use the emoticon list during your meetings? If so, for which use case – meetings, sales demos, etc.? Are there any other emoti­cons which you would like to see added to the software?

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