VoIP Now Available in Mikogo for Windows and Mac (Beta Release)

The latest version of the Mikogo soft­ware is now avail­able and it includes a built-in VOIP feature for voice confe­ren­cing for both Windows and Mac users. Time to throw your phones away!
Ok, that might be a bit drastic but this release now means you can speak to your meeting parti­ci­pants directly through your computer using the Mikogo soft­ware. Read on below to learn how you can start using the Mikogo voice confe­ren­cing feature.

What’s Included

Mikogo Voice Conferencing

Here is what you will get with the new voice confe­ren­cing feature:

  1. Built-In VOIP – just to be clear, VOIP means it runs through the Mikogo soft­ware and over the Web. You don’t need an external phone system for this. However you will need to make sure you have a working micro­phone and spea­kers on your computer.
  2. Cross-Plat­form – this means you can start a Mikogo voice confe­rence on a Windows or Mac computer and your parti­ci­pants can also join on either Windows or Mac computers.
  3. Mute/Unmute – at any point, you and your parti­ci­pants can mute oneself. This is indi­cated by a red handset next to the parti­ci­pant name. Also as the orga­nizer you have ulti­mate control so you can mute select parti­ci­pants – quite handy if they have a bit of back­ground noise.
  4. Advanced Audio Settings – open the settings option in the Voice Confe­ren­cing drawer to change the micro­phone sensi­ti­vity, as well as select to use the Noise Reduc­tion or Echo Cancel­la­tion features.

Getting Started

You’ll need to use the latest soft­ware release to start a voice confe­rence with Mikogo. Check that you have 4.7.130410 at the bottom of your soft­ware settings drawer. If you don’t have it, it is avail­able on our down­load pages.

After star­ting a Mikogo session as usual, you will then see a headset symbol in your main menu. Click on that to add the voice confe­rence compo­nent to your meeting. We have provided further details on star­ting and joining a voice confe­rence in one of our FAQs.

Start Voice Conference

Share Your Feedback

The built-in voice confe­ren­cing feature is still in beta so we would love to hear from anyone who has used the new VOIP feature. Please contact us with your feed­back – your sugges­tions and comments will help us improve the service even further.

Discus­sion: Have you used the VOIP feature yet? How did you find it?

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