Mikogo Just Got Better! Version 5.2 with New Scheduler Features and More

We’re pleased to announce that we have offi­cially released the latest Mikogo soft­ware, Version 5.2. After comple­ting a successful round of intense testing, the new soft­ware is now avail­able for down­load for both Windows and Mac users, inclu­ding Mac Yose­mite 10.10.
What to expect: the biggest update to Mikogo v5.2 is the series of feature addi­tions and impro­ve­ments to the Mikogo Sche­duler. On top of that, we have released an audio recording feature for your Mikogo VoIP calls, the latest version of the HTML Viewer, and further usabi­lity impro­ve­ments. And you can down­load Version 5.2 for free! Full details below.

What’s New in Mikogo Version 5.2

1) New Mikogo Scheduler

The release of 5.2 brings several new areas of func­tio­n­a­lity to the Scheduler:

  1. Time Zone Format: the UTC time display has been replaced with the local time zone, which is retrieved from the user’s computer clock settings.
  2. Add to Calendar: there is now an “Add to Calendar” feature which will save your sche­duled session in your email calendar along with the correct time zone and meeting details. It’s saved as an .ics file and works in Micro­soft Outlook, Apple Mail, and all major email clients.
  3. Include Phone Confe­rence Infor­ma­tion: back by popular demand, we have re-intro­duced this feature into 5.2. Check this box to include the Mikogo phone confe­rence numbers in the details of a sche­duled session. The confe­rence numbers will then be included when you email/copy the session or add it to your calendar.
  4. Remind Me Email: use this feature to receive a reminder email a couple of hours before your sche­duled session.
  5. AM/PM or 24HR: the user’s 12HR or 24HR computer clock settings are auto-detected and taken into account when sche­du­ling sessions and displaying the saved details.
Mikogo Scheduler 5.2

2) Combined Audio and Screen Recording

Until now, the Mikogo recording feature was just for the screen sharing func­tion of the soft­ware, but now in this latest release you can record both the audio track and screen recording toge­ther. The file exten­sion will be “mik”, which is our own proprie­tary recording file format. To play­back the combined recording, you will need to down­load the latest session player. You’ll find further infor­ma­tion about Mikogo audio recording here.

Mikogo Recording

3) New HTML Viewer Release

Version 5.2 also brings with it the latest release of the HTML Viewer, inclu­ding the following feature improvements:

  1. Live screen trans­mis­sion updates take place at hori­zontal 1920 x 80px tiles instead of 480 x 300px, resul­ting in faster screen sharing.
  2. The addi­tion of a “limited frame rate” which results in better perfor­mance due to less resource consump­tion on the user’s browser.
  3. Umlauts (e.g. ä, ö, and ü) are now properly displayed in the HTML Viewer screen texts.

4) Usability Improvements

the Mikogo panel will better take into account magni­fi­ca­tion issues so text and content in the soft­ware window is displayed opti­mally. Magni­fi­ca­tion issues on Windows 8 are of parti­cular impor­t­ance for people with high-reso­lu­tion moni­tors and Micro­soft Surface tablets. The panel will grow and resize with the magni­fi­ca­tion level making it easier on the eye and more user-friendly.

5) Proxy Connectivity Improvements

We have made impro­ve­ments to the soft­ware for initia­ting sessions via a proxy connec­tion on Windows. Previous Mikogo versions would first try a direct connec­tion to start a session, and if that does not work, it would try a proxy connec­tion. In Version 5.2 if a direct connec­tion is not possible, the soft­ware will auto-detect the PAC file, the infor­ma­tion is saved in the connections.ini file (which is also saved for the next time), and a connec­tion is estab­lished to start a session. This results in faster connec­tion times for those Windows users looking to start a session via a proxy.

Users can confi­gure the proxy infor­ma­tion in the soft­ware under Settings, which is also avail­able in the Mac version. However the connec­tion process via a proxy remains the same for Mac users.

Thank You Everyone!

Many of the above addi­tions to and impro­ve­ments in Mikogo are based on feed­back we received from you. Thank you to ever­yone who contacts us with sugges­tions and feed­back. You help us provide the best online meeting soft­ware for your needs. If you would like to see some­thing added to Mikogo, please feel free to get in touch with us.

How to Get Mikogo Version 5.2

The new soft­ware and its features is avail­able as a free down­load. Visit the Mikogo Down­loadpage or click the button below to down­load Version 5.2 for Windows or Mac, and simply run the soft­ware. The new version will over­write the previous version of Mikogo on your computer and your account details, inclu­ding sche­duled sessions, will be trans­ferred into the new software.


We will soon release an auto­matic update noti­fi­ca­tion via the soft­ware for all users, however we recom­mend that you update to Version 5.2 now to get the latest updates and fami­lia­rize yourself with the soft­ware before your next online meeting.

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