Mikogo Mac Beta Version

Well, here it is: the Mikogo Mac Beta version! You’ve no doubt read about this via my email yesterday, or blog post the day before, or perhaps a friend/colleague of yours let you in on the goss. Whatever the reason, I imagine you are here because you are keen to test the Mikogo Mac Beta version and contact us with your feedback.

A few things to note:

The client is cross plat­form, so that both Mac and PC users can start meetings, and invite both Mac and PC users to parti­ci­pate. I.e. Windows parti­ci­pants can join a meeting started by a Mac user. This means a few diffe­rent downloads:

Mac Down­load: There is just one down­load to both start and join meetings with a Mac.
Mikogo Mac Client (.dmg)

Windows Down­load:
Mikogo Orga­nizer – this is needed to start meetings
Mikogo Parti­ci­pant – this is needed to join meetings. (just down­load, not an install)

There are no pass­words required to receive the above files – simply down­load them.

Once you have down­loaded the Mikogo Mac client, you can start meetings by using your current Mikogo user­name and pass­word. For those beta testers who are new to Mikogo, you can register for a free Mikogo account here. Please note, that only the meeting orga­nizer needs account details. Parti­ci­pants do not need to register in order to join.

Getting Mikogo Started on the Mac
For details and screen­shots on getting Mikogo started on the Mac, please take a look at the Mikogo Mac webpage.

Beta Feed­back
As mentioned Mikogo is now cross plat­form. Ideally it would be great to receive beta feed­back from a range of diffe­rent scena­rios (if it is possible). e.g. Mac/PC as orga­nizer and Mac/PC as participant.

Once you have tested the Mikogo Mac Beta version and you wish to send us your feed­back, please take note of the follo­wing:
1. all feed­back should be sent to mac(at)mikogo.com
2. Please include your hard­ware and soft­ware speci­fi­ca­tions
3. If you find a problem/bug, please help us by provi­ding a detailed descrip­tion, ideally with screen­shots and with steps on how this may be reproduced.

Please under­stand that we require the above points to ensure that we can quickly iden­tify problems, fix them, and then offi­ci­ally fina­lize the Mac version for everyone.

Features Available in Mikogo Mac version

  • Starting and joining meetings
  • Switch presenter
  • Mouse pointer for participants
  • Zoom viewing screen

We will release new Mac beta versions with further features (e.g. remote control) as and when they become available – so stay tuned 🙂

We’re keen to offi­ci­ally release the Mac version, so once again thanks for your help and beta testing.

Nehmen Sie Kontakt mit uns auf und sprechen Sie mit einem unserer Experten.

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