Logo Branding – Customize the Mikogo Software with Your Company Logo

Mikogo has a lot of features that can help make online meetings faster and easier. Also included in the Mikogo feature set are a couple of options desi­gned to allow you to tailor your meetings which will help leave a lasting impres­sion on your clients. One feature you will enjoy is the option to add your company logo and images into the soft­ware inter­face and waiting lounge. This feature in parti­cular was desi­gned to help you, the Mikogo user, opti­mize your logo bran­ding endea­vors through custo­miza­tion of our soft­ware to meet your needs. The result: a profes­sional online meeting solu­tion branded with your own company logo.

Add Your Company Logo and Images into the Mikogo Software

Step 1)
First of all, users will need to log into their account. The “My Account” link is located in the top right-hand corner of the Mikogo website and acces­sible from any page on the Mikogo website.

Step 2)
Once there, you will be prompted for your account user­name and pass­word which should be the same infor­ma­tion you provided upon regis­tra­tion – unless you changed your pass­word since. Please note that your user­name is your regis­tered email address e.g. john@example.com

Mikogo MyAccount

Step 3)
When you are logged in, the side panel will list a menu of options, from which you will choose “Features Settings”. There are two subsec­tions titled “Company logo image” and “Waiting lounge image” where you will have the oppor­tu­nity to add your own company logo and waiting lounge image of your choice.

Features Settings

Once you have chosen and uploaded your images, there will be a preview in each box indi­ca­ting what your images will look like.

Feature Settings Preview

Step 4)
Once you have chosen your image, you can now go into the soft­ware and sign in. You will be greeted with your logo in the soft­ware inter­face. The logo will also appear in the soft­ware during your online meetings for both you and your parti­ci­pants to see. Below you can see I added the Chan­ge­Vi­sion logo to my soft­ware as an example.

Mikogo with custom logo branding

Customizing the Mikogo Waiting Lounge

Above you saw how it is possible to add your own image under “Waiting lounge image”. Next time when you invite your parti­ci­pants to join a sche­duled session, Mikogo will present them with a waiting lounge window if the parti­ci­pants join before you have started your online meeting. Custo­mi­zing the “Waiting lounge image” will allow you to select which image your parti­ci­pants see prior to joining your sche­duled session.

Custom Mikogo waiting lounge

If buil­ding your brand is important to you, make sure to try out the logo custo­miza­tion feature in MyAc­count. It will add a personal and profes­sional touch to your sessions and spruce up your look of your online meetings!

Have You Added Your Logo to Mikogo?

Have you tried out the logo custo­miza­tion feature? If so, tell us about it in a comment below! If you can, please share a Flickr or Twitpic link so we can see how you have added your logo. We’d love to see and hear how you’re using Mikogo for your busi­ness needs.

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