Mikogo IT Tech Support: Best Way to Share the Problem

If an emer­gency room doctor is the person whose services you least want to need, tech support probably comes in second. When our tech­no­logy fails us, we feel helpless, and if tech support comes via phone call, the frus­tra­tion of trying to explain the problem and follow arcane inst­ruc­tions is intense.

It’s not much fun for the remote IT support staff, either — they’d rather be able to see your desktop and even take control them­selves to make the fix in a tenth of the time it takes to walk you through it. With Mikogo, a lot of IT depart­ments are doing exactly that. Whether it’s the support unit of a soft­ware deve­loper or the in-house staff for a multi-office agency, remote support staff praise Mikogo. It’s easy for clients to join a session and demons­trate the problem, and easy for the techs to take remote control to execute the solution.

“With desktop sharing soft­ware such as Mikogo, we’re able to reduce wasted time sitting in traffic and support our clients more effi­ci­ently,” says Perry Smith of Inte­grated Systems Solu­tions, a Southern Cali­fornia busi­ness soft­ware provider.

Read the full article and see how Perry’s team and the over­worked tech desk of a commu­nity services agency, Commu­nity Action Southwest, turn to Mikogo to make support response fast, conve­nient and cost-effective.

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