Mikogo Integrates with Cerebro – Media Project Management Software

Recently, Cine­soft announced the inte­gra­tion of Mikogo’s desktop sharing solu­tion with Cerebro – their media project manage­ment solu­tion. We are thrilled that this inte­gra­tion took place and to be asso­ciated with Cerebro.
Clearly if you are a Mikogo user, you are fami­liar with our desktop sharing solu­tion. But are you aware of what you can gain from a project manage­ment solu­tion like Cerebo?

Cerebro in a Nutshell

You may have already heard of project manage­ment solu­tions however the first point to note about Cerebro is the fact that this solu­tion is speci­fi­cally deve­loped for people looking to manage media projects. If you work in web design, gaming deve­lo­p­ment, adver­ti­sing or video produc­tion (in fact, I’m aware that Mikogo has been used in some of these indus­tries, which makes the inte­gra­tion of Mikogo with Cerebro such a good fit) and are mana­ging multiple projects with several team members all contri­bu­ting simul­ta­ne­ously, then Cerebro is the solu­tion for you. Cerebro includes Mirada, a video and picture viewer that enables easy viewing of high-reso­lu­tion files, and supports a wide range of graphic and media formats – a strong plus for media projects. On top of that, there are many features for project navi­ga­tion, conta­c­ting team members and clients, file manage­ment, time manage­ment, and evalua­tion of the project and media files.

Cerebro and Mikogo

Cerebro login

To get started with Cerebro, go to their down­load page, select your opera­ting system, the Cerebro Installer, and then click on Down­load Cerebro. That will down­load the installer and when opened will prompt the Cerebro Setup. After you follow the setup steps, you will be asked for your account details – You can sign up for a trial account on the Cerebro website.
The trial version provides for:

  • a maximum of 100 tasks within one universe;
  • up to 5 users;
  • 1Gb space on Cinesoft’s server or files can be stored on your facilities;
  • no time limits

Enter your details and your Cerebro user inter­face will open. You’ll find the web confe­rence menu located at the top of the UI that allows users to access Mikogo.

Mikogo Cerebro integration

For further infor­ma­tion on using Cerebro, check out this video:

We are very pleased that the Cerebro Team approa­ched us and had selected Mikogo as their number-one choice for desktop sharing solu­tions to be inte­grated along with their soft­ware solu­tion. If Cerebro sounds like a solu­tion for your busi­ness needs and you go ahead to check it out, please feel free to leave your feed­back for others by writing a comment below. Thx!

Btw, Cerebro has already assisted greatly in the crea­tion of several films, and will no doubt continue to do so in the future as the media world learns more about this software 🙂

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