Mikogo HTML Viewer – A Customer Success Story from EPI-USE Labs

We recently showed you the fastest way to invite your clients to join presen­ta­tions without any down­loads on their side. The answer was the HTML Viewer. Not requi­ring any down­loads obviously makes it a fast solu­tion but it also makes it an extre­mely reli­able solu­tion.
Down­loading soft­ware is not always possible for some clients due to their company network and secu­rity settings, which makes online meetings very diffi­cult for these clients. But the HTML Viewer works the first time, every time.
This was crucial for EPI-USE Labs, a soft­ware deve­lo­p­ment company who utilizes the HTML Viewer for easy and reli­able presen­ta­tions with clients.

Introducing EPI-USE Labs

EPI-USE Labs is part of the EPI-USE group that designs, deve­lops and supports Add-On soft­ware for busi­nesses using SAP. They have been using online presen­ta­tions to demons­trate their soft­ware for years. As the secu­rity awareness and the stan­dards of their custo­mers became stricter, it became more chal­len­ging to ask their custo­mers to down­load and install new soft­ware for a single presentation. 

Markus Schüßler from Inside Sales puts this revenue crucial issue in a nuts­hell: “Our custo­mers comp­lained that they had connec­ti­vity problems with other screen sharing appli­ca­tions. So we were unable to present our products properly online.”

EPI-USE Labs, please meet the Mikogo HTML Viewer

The Mikogo HTML Viewer provided a solu­tion to their pain. Custo­mers of EPI-USE Labs can join an online presen­ta­tion without any addi­tional soft­ware or plug-ins. “The pheno­menal ease of use combined with its very good inte­grity has made Mikogo our choice of online presen­ta­tion program,” remarks Markus Schüßler happily. “The HTML Viewer is so easy to use and the secu­rity stan­dards are exceptional!”

Not ever having to consider compli­cated secu­rity settings of clients, makes the HTML Viewer such an easy solu­tion for sales repre­sen­ta­tives and lets them focus on what they do best: selling. “Mikogo is ideal for sales presen­ta­tions. We want our custo­mers to concen­trate on our products and get a great first impres­sion. The ease of use of the Mikogo HTML Viewer lets us accom­plish this.”

You can down­load the full EPI-USE Labs case study here.

Discus­sion: Are you using the HTML Viewer with clients for online presen­ta­tions or sales demos? We would love to hear your stories – please share below!

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