Is Mikogo a free lunch?

Since the launch of Mikogo, we have offered our screen sharing app free of charge. There are no limi­ta­tions and no hidden catches. And no, you’re not drea­ming.
While this is a really great offer and a great tool, we have received many ques­tions regar­ding our busi­ness plan and how it is possible for us to provide Mikogo for free. We’ve all heard the expres­sion, “There is no such thing as a free lunch”, so it’s under­stand­able that some people are a little surprised that they can use Mikogo without reaching for their wallet/purse or without being scammed in some horrible way.

So how is Mikogo possible?
Mikogo is provided by Beam­Y­our­Screen the renowned provider of Web colla­bo­ra­tion solu­tions. BeamYourScreen’s product range includes soft­ware solu­tions for online meetings, Web presen­ta­tions, and remote support. The custo­mers of Beam­Y­our­Screen include small, medium and large global corpo­ra­tions, such as Toshiba, Yamaha and Roche. Curr­ently there are over 1400 custo­mers world­wide bene­fi­ting from the Beam­Y­our­Screen tech­no­logy.
However we received nume­rous requests for Beam­Y­our­Screen to provide a cheap/free screen sharing tool for private users who just wanted to host the occa­sional simple screen sharing meeting. For example some people just wanted some­thing that they could use quickly to assist friends or family with computer issues via remote control. Others wanted an easy-to-use tool for online presen­ta­tions and meetings.

With this in mind, the idea of Mikogo was created – a fun, easy-to-use and free tool for ever­yone to enjoy. Within Mikogo you’ll find all the important features of Web colla­bo­ra­tion, such as screen sharing, switch presenter, remote control, and file transfer. However we keep Mikogo simple and easy to use for ever­yone, and conse­quently it is prima­rily targeted for use by private users and small busi­nesses. On the other hand, custo­mers using our fee-based Beam­Y­our­Screen products, who need greater Web colla­bo­ra­tion capa­bi­li­ties, benefit from a wider range of features and high quality live customer support.

So why do we do it?
We hope that by provi­ding Mikogo we will receive a lot of feed­back on our tool and its capa­bi­li­ties, and that we can take this user expe­ri­ence and apply it to the Beam­Y­our­Screen tools to provide even greater service for our custo­mers. Further­more, small busi­nesses using Mikogo may find that in the near future they require greater features and services, and there­fore make the decision to upgrade to BeamYourScreen.

We don’t ask for much in return. A little feed­back here and there via the blog and forum, but that’s about it. Other than that, it’s pretty close to a free lunch.

There are now over 45,000 Mikogo users who are enjoying our tool. If you wish to leave a comment about how you find our free service, please feel free to do so.


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