Mikogo Announces Partnership With SalesImpaq, the Desktop CRM Solution

We are pleased to announce Mikogo’s offi­cial part­nership with Sale­s­Impaq. With inte­grated busi­ness intel­li­gence, Sale­s­Impaq CRM provides leads with proven Fortune 500 sales processes for small busi­ness owners and busi­ness profes­sio­nals. Sale­s­Impaq CRM is easy to use and is a powerful produc­ti­vity tool for profes­sio­nals, inclu­ding small prac­tice attor­neys, insurance and real estate brokers and agents, contrac­tors, recrui­ters, small busi­ness owners, sole proprie­tors, and indi­vi­dual salespeople. 


Sale­s­Impaq CRM soft­ware is desi­gned to make CRM easy to use, while still remai­ning effec­tive. Inte­grated with Hoover’s proprie­tary leads data­base, Sale­s­Impaq provides access to 27 million company leads and 36 million busi­ness contacts – an ideal solu­tion for busi­nesses looking to add new custo­mers, engage with prospects and evidently grow as a company. Further­more it inte­grates seem­lessly with Micro­soft Outlook, lever­aging Outlook email and calendar to provide a feature-rich CRM solution.

Mikogo is proud to provide free desktop sharing and online meetings to the ever-growing Sale­s­Impaq user base. Thanks to the Mikogo Sale­s­Impaq part­nership, you will be able to orga­nize free online meetings with up to 10 parti­ci­pants, directly from the Sale­s­Impaq Dashboard.

Sale­s­Impaq values the crea­tion of soft­ware and services that make busi­ness owners and busi­ness people more successful. By utili­sing Mikogo free online meetings, you are able to save yourself valu­able time and money. Clearly Mikogo and Sale­s­Impaq is a part­nership that can assist compa­nies in achie­ving greater results and success, faster and more efficiently.

Off to the Races:
The Founder and CEO of Sale­s­Impaq, Brian Bigley, has made an 11-day tour of Cali­fornia, trave­ling 500 miles by walking, biking and riding a Segway from San Fran­cisco to San Diego to launch the company and raise awareness for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

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