Demonstrating the Path to Success: Mikogo Adds Clarity to Coaching Services

Part of being an effec­tive coach is ensu­ring that the infor­ma­tion you share and concepts you discuss are unders­tood by the people with who you’re commu­ni­ca­ting. Without that clarity, it’s hard to make any progress. We recently spoke to two profes­sional coachers about how they both achieve this clarity with the assi­s­tance of desktop sharing.

Deborah Klein of Coaching Lear­ners connects with clients one-on-one, helping adult students under­stand and take advan­tage of their personal lear­ning styles. Her clients are gene­rally graduate students who need to process a tremen­dous amount of infor­ma­tion; she guides them towards stra­te­gies that help them succeed.

“All of my coaching sessions are done as shared desktop and phone sessions,” said Klein, who uses Mikogo exclu­si­vely. “It allows me to demons­trate tools, concepts and stra­te­gies using images and other docu­ments. I can also easily review what they are working on.”

Hazel Langley laun­ched Enact Deve­lo­p­ment to provide specia­lized trai­ning services to large orga­niz­a­tions, and an outsourced employee lear­ning and deve­lo­p­ment service for smaller enter­prises. Her online trai­ning and assess­ment products can save busi­nesses time and money, but describing the bene­fits isn’t always easy.

With Mikogo, she can show poten­tial custo­mers how the online products work. “For custo­mers who think that moving to an online solu­tion will be diffi­cult, I can demons­trate how quick and strai­ght­for­ward it is,” explained Langley. These demons­tra­tions are an easy way for her to over­come poten­tial barriers and objections.

To learn more about how coaches use Mikogo to help others find success, read the full story.

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