Mikogo Ranked 2nd Best in Web Conferencing Market

Way to Go-go, Mikogo! Online Meeting Tools Review, a vendor-inde­pen­dent reviewer of web confe­ren­cing and webinar solu­tions, recently published their annual review and compa­rison of the best web confe­ren­cing and webinar soft­ware and Mikogo has landed itself at number 2, with an overall score of 9.28 out of 10! Mikogo climbed one notch in the rankings from its third-place posi­tion in 2011, and we have our eye on the top spot for next year, espe­cially on the back of the new Voice Over IP func­tion, which made its debut last week.

The Online Meeting Tools Review website meti­cu­lously tests each online meeting product based on func­tio­n­a­lity, usabi­lity, secu­rity, costs etc., and then ranks each based on their total score. Mikogo received five stars in five of the seven cate­go­ries rated in the review, placing it above the likes of WebEx, Team­Viewer, and Adobe Connect.

Here is a snippet of Online Meeting Tools Review’s shining assess­ment of Mikogo:

“A simple and quick instal­la­tion and setup process, a slim meeting planner, as well as high secu­rity stan­dards must all be mentioned on the plus side of this online meeting solution.”

Addi­tio­nally, Mikogo was praised for its intui­tive design and excel­lent value for money.

Online Meeting Tools Review has been testing a wide range of web confe­ren­cing appli­ca­tions for years, with the aim of helping busi­nesses select the most appro­priate solu­tion for their needs. The result has been a conti­nuous evalua­tion of some of the biggest web confe­ren­cing solu­tions avail­able today.

We are all very happy with this great achie­ve­ment, and we look forward to taking on the top spot in 2013!

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