Recording a Meeting v2.0.3

As you know, today was the release of the latest version of Mikogo, v2.0.3. When using this version and looking to play­back recorded meetings, there is some­thing to take note of. Read more | 27 comments

Andrew Donnelly

Rumored New Mikogo Version….

Posted by Andrew Donnelly on September 8, 2008 to new version

There’s been a bit of talk and gossip going on within the Mikogo Commu­nity and the Web colla­bo­ra­tion world about a possible new Mikogo version…….

And the buzz is true. We are curr­ently working on a new version which will be released soon with several addi­tional features to be included. So with all this buzz going around, we thought we’d let you all in on our plans and give you a sneak preview of what you can expect in the next version.

Drum roll, please!!

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