Can the Manufacturing Industry get more from Mikogo? The answer: MagnaCAD

MagnaCAD Design Inc., a leading provider of CAD, CAE and PLM solu­tions, recently announced the launch of JRIV, its new encom­passed design engi­nee­ring solu­tion bundle. JRIV inte­grates with IronCAD 3D solu­tions to provide IronCAD users fast and intui­tive access to a range of powerful appli­ca­tions that will reduce time and over­head for manu­fac­tu­ring compa­nies. But where does Mikogo fit into this picture?

Presi­dent of MDI, Tom Lehnhae­user, was impressed by Mikogo’s capa­bi­li­ties and has inte­grated the desktop sharing tool in the JRIV soft­ware bundle. This means that custo­mers of JRIV and IronCAD will be able to access Mikogo and start sessions from the JRIV toolbar. In fact the inclu­sion of Mikogo received a special mention in the offi­cial MagnaCAD press release last week. Here is a snippet of the press release:

“The most notable of these ancil­lary appli­ca­tions is a robust web confe­ren­cing and screen sharing appli­ca­tion powered by Mikogo (Beam­Y­our­Screen GmBH) that can be initiated directly from IronCAD. This is an ideal solu­tion for IronCAD users that need to colla­bo­rate with a global design team or just confer with their vendor supply chain using IronCAD in real-time to demons­trate visually any poten­tial issues with a project. Simply click a button from IronCAD and you start a colla­bo­ra­tive web-session.”

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