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Mikogo Mac Update

Latest Software Update – Version 5.10.0 (Mac)

Mac logoThe latest and greatest Mikogo for Mac release is now here: Version 5.10.0. The new software includes several new features and improvements which were requested by the Mikogo community. We recommend updating today to get the best online meeting experience with Mikogo on your Mac.

Update Now

Why the Update?

If you are using a previous versions of Mikogo, then you are missing out on the changes mentioned in the release notes.

Get the Update Now

Please follow the steps below to download the new software.

The Steps:

  1. Exit the Mikogo Application.
  2. Download the new Mikogo program by clicking on “Update Now” below.
  4. Installer_1
  5. Installer_2
  6. Installer_3
  7. Installer_4
  8. Installer_5

Update Now

That’s it! You now have the latest version of Mikogo for Mac!

If you have any questions about the update, please contact us.