Linux Version Now Available as an Open Beta Release

Today we have laun­ched the Mikogo Linux soft­ware as an open beta release. This means it is now avail­able for anyone to down­load from our down­load pages and use for their next desktop sharing sessions. With the new Linux soft­ware you can both start or join sessions from a Linux computer. Further­more the soft­ware works in conjunc­tion with Mikogo orga­ni­zers or parti­ci­pants who are using either a Windows or Mac computer. In other words, share your screen Linux screen with Windows or Mac users. Or join a session from your Linux computer and view the screen of your Windows or Mac orga­nizer.
Read below for details on down­loading the Linux soft­ware, along with screen­shots of Mikogo sharing desk­tops between Linux and Windows/Mac computers.

Downloading the Mikogo Linux Software

Mikogo Linux panel

You can down­load and save the mikogo.tar.gz file by clicking here. Once you have saved the mikogo.tar.gz Linux file to your computer, right-click the down­loaded file and extract it. The Mikogo appli­ca­tion will then appear. Double-click on this appli­ca­tion icon to start Mikogo. The appli­ca­tion will launch, a Mikogo Mikogo M icon icon will appear in the Taskbar, and the Mikogo Panel will appear.

Starting a Session

Star­ting a session with the Linux version works in the same way as it does with the Windows and Mac version. Click on the Mikogo Start Session icon in the main menu and then the start session button (image below on the left). You’ll then receive the unique session ID (image below on the right).

Click to view full-size imageClick to view full-size image

Joining a Session

Join a Session on a Linux computer

Parti­ci­pants can go to and enter the session ID that you received. Alter­na­tively, they can down­load the appro­priate soft­ware from our down­load page (depen­ding on their type of computer), run the soft­ware and then enter the session ID.
If someone wants to join your session from a Linux computer, they can down­load the Linux soft­ware, run the appli­ca­tion and enter the session ID, as shown in the image to the right.
NOTE: The Mikogo Linux soft­ware is part of Version 4 so after you have started your first Linux session, please be sure that your parti­ci­pants also use Version 4 to join the session.

If you are after further infor­ma­tion on using the Linux soft­ware and the included features, please take a look at our user guide.

Thank you Beta Testers!

In a previous blog post we told you how we had been working on a Linux version and asked for some people to help us out in a closed beta stage. This closed beta stage took place over the last couple of weeks. We would like to say thank you to ever­yone who spent their time testing this new soft­ware and helping us get to this point today where we can now make the Linux release avail­able for all the Mikogo Linux fans out there. Thank you!

Linux Desktop Sharing Screenshots

Presen­ting from a Linux to a Mac computer

Desktop Sharing from a Linux to a Mac computer

Presen­ting from a Mac to a Linux computer

Desktop Sharing from a Mac to a Linux computer

Presen­ting from a Windows to a Linux computer

Desktop Sharing from a Windows to a Linux computer

Presen­ting from a Linux to a Windows computer

Desktop Sharing from a Linux to a Windows computer

Image Credit: Image held by Larry Ewing on Wikimedia

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