How to Best Invite Clients to a Remote Support Session – New Join Session Page

Supporting someone with their IT problems via a remote connec­tion can be very satis­fying. Problems can be resolved in a matter of minutes. But not if you have trouble acces­sing the PC system windows…
Luckily Mikogo’s “Enable Service” feature allows you, as the IT tech­ni­cian, to view and control all systems and UAC windows on your client’s computer. Even better – we now have a new remote support join session page for this exact purpose where the service is auto­ma­ti­cally enabled on your client’s computer, ensu­ring that you have best and smoot­hest level of remote control.

What is the “Enable Service” feature?

This is a button found in the Mikogo soft­ware settings and by enab­ling the service, Mikogo can then access the Windows service inclu­ding UAC windows. For example, let’s imagine you’re supporting a client remo­tely on a Windows computer and you go to their Control Panel. Opening some areas here will result in a UAC window appearing. If the service is disabled, such windows will not be visible or clickable to the remote support tech­ni­cian.
But if your client enables the service on their side, you can:

  • View and click on all UAC windows (below is an example of such a window)
  • Access all areas of the Control Panel
  • Switch between user accounts
  • Run programs as administrator
Microsoft Windows UAC Window

The New Remote Join Session Page

The advan­tage of the remote join session page is that after your client joins, the service is auto­ma­ti­cally enabled provi­ding you with the three bene­fits listed in the bullet points above, and hence the best remote connection.

When your client joins your Mikogo session from a UAC window will appear asking for their permis­sion to run Mikogo. If they click Yes, the rest will take care of itself!

Who is this for?

This new page has been created for remote support clients. As the remote IT tech­ni­cian, you should direct your clients to this page to ensure the service is enabled on their side.

You may remember that we announced the page a little while ago. So to make sure we’re all on the same wave­length, here is a quick summary of the Join Session pages we have available at Mikogo:

  • – this is the main page for parti­ci­pants to join from. It offers the stan­dard connec­tion method by down­loa­ding the parti­ci­pant program, as well as the HTML Viewer. (The service is not enabled for parti­ci­pants joining via this page).
  • – direct your parti­ci­pants to this page when you want them to only join via the HTML Viewer. Remember, this means zero down­loads for the parti­ci­pants and is for presentations.
  • – brand-span­king new, this is the page you send your parti­ci­pants to if you are about to engage in a remote support session.

Discus­sion: do you use Mikogo for remote support? Next time you need to view and control a client’s computer, invite them to join from and let us know how you find it by leaving us a comment – thanks!

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