Using Version 4 to Instantly View and Control a Remote Computer

Mikogo support

Today we imple­mented a change in Version 4 to faci­li­tate remote support sessions, in parti­cular for cases when you want to start a session and directly view and control the remote computer, instead of first presen­ting your own screen.

This feature has always been avail­able in Version 4, however previously you needed to confi­gure this in the Profile Manager. Now when you open your Mikogo soft­ware you can select to view and control the remote computer without using the Profile Manager.

As a non-regis­tered user, when you start your Mikogo soft­ware, you will see the “Stan­dard Profile” within a drop-down menu above the Start Session button:

Mikogo Standard Profile

If you simply click Start Session now, you will start a stan­dard session with is confi­gured to present your screen. So when a parti­ci­pant joins your session, they will see your screen.
However by clicking on this drop-down menu you will be able to select “Support”:

Mikogo Support Profile

Select “Support” and then click on the Start Session button. The session will not instantly start. Instead a Viewing Direc­tion drawer will open:

Mikogo Viewing Direction settings

Select “View & Control” and click OK. Your session will start and you’ll receive the Parti­ci­pant List and the Session ID. When your parti­ci­pant joins the session you will instantly be able to see their screen and remo­tely control their keyboard and mouse.

So this change allows you to access the Initial Viewing Direc­tion settings directly as you start a session, similar to what was avail­able in Version 3 – ideal for remote support sessions.

And this change is avail­able on all plat­forms – Windows, Mac and Linux.

Important Feedback Questions

What do you think of this change? Does this make your support sessions easier? Or does it make star­ting a session more compli­cated because you now have a choice (choo­sing between the Stan­dard and the Support profiles) before you start a session?
It would be great to hear your feed­back and thoughts on this – so please leave your comments below!

As a regis­tered user, you can of course still use the Profile Manager to confi­gure even more profiles with greater custo­miz­a­tion than only the Viewing Direc­tion settings. For example, within the Profile Manager you can custo­mize the speed/picture quality, appli­ca­tion selec­tion settings, which features you want or don’t want in the session, and more. For further details, please take a look at this blog post.

And please let us know what you think about today’s change – Thanks!

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