HTML Viewer: Join Online Meetings with No Downloads

No Downloads

When invi­ting a parti­ci­pant to join your desktop sharing meetings, you want to make it as simple as possible for them. Mikogo’s HTML Viewer can help with that – by joining your meeting via the HTML Viewer, your parti­ci­pants can view your screen without having to down­load any soft­ware or plugins. They don’t even need Flash, Java or ActiveX. They can view your screen directly from inside their web browser. 100% browser-based.
By remo­ving the need to down­load soft­ware, the HTML Viewer really is the fastest way to share your screen with someone.

Join From Any Device

Parti­ci­pants just need a browser to use the HTML Viewer and it is supported by the high majo­rity of web brow­sers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and will work on all plat­forms: PCMacLinux and mobile devices. So if your parti­ci­pant has an Internet connec­tion and a browser on their computer (ever­yone does!) then they are ready to join your meeting in seconds.

The HTML Viewer for Presentations

Online presen­ta­tions, espe­ci­ally in the case of sales, is what the HTML Viewer was created for and is where it comes into its own. Say for example you’re on the phone with a client/prospect and you want to show them some­thing on your screen. You start a Mikogo session as normal then they go to and join with the HTML Viewer. Next thing you know, they are viewing your screen and haven’t down­loaded a thing.

It’s important to note that the HTML Viewer is for your parti­ci­pants to use. It is not a feature that you’ll find in your Mikogo soft­ware when you start a session, like the white­board, or sche­duler, etc. It is an option for the parti­ci­pants on as shown in the image below.

Using the HTML Viewer

Next time you invite a parti­ci­pant to an online presen­ta­tion, you can suggest that they join with the HTML Viewer to avoid down­loa­ding software.

You can read more infor­ma­tion about this in the HTML Viewer guide.

Discus­sion: Have you used the HTML Viewer for invi­ting parti­ci­pants to your presen­ta­tions? What did you think?

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