New and Improved HTML Viewer – Built on HTML5 and with New Features

Faster Screen Sharing

It’s here! The new HTML Viewer with light­ning fast screen sharing that would make even Usain Bolt blush! The HTML Viewer is our award-winning tech­no­logy and an alter­na­tive login option for parti­ci­pants joining online meetings, without the need for any down­loads. Today’s new update utilizes the much-talked about HTML5 tech­no­logy enab­ling even smoother and faster screen sharing than previously, and includes new features.

The new features in this week’s release include increased perfor­mance and speed of screen sharing, parti­ci­pant pointer, zoom func­tion­a­lity, screen auto-fit, and multi-lingual inter­face. Previously in the HTML Viewer, parti­ci­pants could join online meetings from their compu­ters simply from a stan­dard web browser without down­loa­ding addi­tional soft­ware. Like­wise for the new HTML Viewer – users can join from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connec­tion. 100% browser-based without the need for down­loa­ding execu­ta­bles. And no need for Flash, ActiveX nor Java.

Why HTML5 for Online Meetings? An Interview with Mikogo Development

A talk with any deve­loper will reveal just how inte­gral HTML5 is beco­ming in the web deve­lo­ping world. Spea­king speci­fi­cally with Mikogo’s Product Deve­lo­p­ment Manager, Matthias Litz, can shed light on the strengths of the HTML Viewer and just how important HTML5 was for the new release.Matthias Litz

Matthias Litz
Product Deve­lo­p­ment

Q: What do you think this new HTML Viewer will bring to the table that sets itself apart from other products in the market?
Matthias Litz: The advan­tage over other products is that it is purely web browser-based. It enables you to instantly attend online meetings without any prior prepa­ra­tions, such as down­loa­ding soft­ware or instal­ling a browser plug in. This is a great advan­tage for busi­nesses when invi­ting their clients, who have never used Mikogo, into online meetings.

Q: How do you think the new HTML Viewer enhances the user expe­ri­ence?
ML: The new HTML Viewer has been opti­mized to reach a noti­ce­ably higher display perfor­mance. Tech­ni­cally spea­king, the new HTML Viewer can display the presenter’s screen data at a higher frame rate. This reduces time lags during the screen demons­tra­tion, leading to a smoother screen flow on the viewer’s end and signi­fi­cantly enhan­cing the user expe­ri­ence. We have also included new features from the desktop version of Mikogo.

Q. Which features speci­fi­cally from the desktop soft­ware are now included? 
ML: “Increased Display Perfor­mance” – Users of the new HTML Viewer will gain from a much smoother screen flow through higher frame rates.
“Auto-Fit-To-Window” – In the case when the presenter shares a diffe­rent screen reso­lu­tion and size than what the viewer’s device has, the new HTML Viewer will auto­ma­ti­cally scale the display size down or up to best fit the viewer’s browser window.
“Zooming in/out” – The viewer can use zoom to enlarge or reduce the display range to their personal need.
“Parti­ci­pant Pointer” – Viewers are able to interact with the meeting presenter by clicking into the presenter’s screen.
“Multi-Lingual” – the HTML Viewer is now available in English, German and French.

Q: How important was customer feed­back when making changes to soft­ware like this?
ML: Feed­back has been essen­tial for us because it allows us to opti­mize our service to the user’s needs. Since we first laun­ched the HTML Viewer in 2011 we have received a lot of feed­back poin­ting out that it was a great inven­tion and suggesting ways we can enhance the feature, such as which features to include from the Mikogo desktop version. This helped shape our product road map and bring the HTML Viewer to the release we have today.

Q: How does desktop sharing with the HTML Viewer work without Java, Flash, or ActiveX?
ML: The presenter’s screen can be displayed on the viewer’s end without the need for them to run addi­tional soft­ware. We have desi­gned our service to deliver screen data in a secure and HTML compa­tible format which is supported by the high majo­rity of today’s web brow­sers across all plat­forms inclu­ding mobile devices – and ther­e­fore no need for addi­tional plug-ins or software.

Q: Knowing that you are able to view content coded in HTML5 on most mobile devices (iPhone, Black­berry, Android etc.), do you think that was a major factor in deci­ding to use this plat­form for Mikogo?
ML: No, it was defi­ni­tely not a major factor at that time. In general, the screen size of most smart phones do not provide an optimal viewing expe­ri­ence when the presenter uses a computer with a regular screen size (e.g. 14 inches or greater). Although our new feature (Auto-Fit-To-Window) can auto­ma­ti­cally adapt the display size for users with a smaller screen reso­lu­tion, I consider HTML5 support for mobile devices as a bonus and a nice feature for those who will use their smart phones while trave­ling and can’t get to a desktop computer.

Mikogo HTML Viewer

On the other hand, the new HTML Viewer is great for online meetings between two compu­ters where the parti­ci­pant does not want to down­load any soft­ware – that’s still its stron­gest advan­tage. We also see a great poten­tial for Mikogo in the market of tablet PCs, such as the iPad, due to size of the tablet screens. When such devices are making their way into modern busi­ness life, we aim to support, not only the ability to view a screen presen­ta­tion, but also to enable screen sharing for mobile devices.

 Feel free to down­load the above inter­view as a PDF by clicking here.

The New HTML Viewer Online

The new HTML Viewer is now available for your next online meeting! If you’re looking for a 100% browser-based expe­ri­ence the next time you join a Mikogo meeting, you can do so by joining from and select “HTML Viewer” as the “Connec­tion Method”.

HTML Viewer

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