How to Schedule a Meeting Online with Mikogo

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Projects, dead­lines, phone calls, trai­nings… our daily work lives can be pretty hectic at times, which is one reason why people turn to online meetings in order to save time and get on to the next task. But even fitting in an online meeting can be a struggle during a busy week.
With the Mikogo Sche­duler you can reserve a session ID and send a meeting invite with all details, inclu­ding a link, to your parti­ci­pants in advance. Get ahead of the game by being prepared and sche­du­ling your meetings – and here’s how you do it…

Add a New Meeting to Your Scheduler


The sche­duler allows you to save multiple meetings in your Mikogo soft­ware account. That means you will first need to sign into the soft­ware with your account details. Then open the sche­duler Scheduler button and click on the button Add button at the bottom. That will open up a new sche­duler window for you to enter your meeting details, as shown on the right.

Under the confe­rence call infor­ma­tion section, you can choose to include the Mikogo Audio Confe­rence numbers. Or you could write a custom message, such as informing your parti­ci­pants that the meeting will use the VOIP feature of Mikogo for the call.

After ente­ring all the details be sure to click Save. Your new sche­duled meeting will then appear in the sche­duler over­view page.

Next, it’s time to invite your parti­ci­pants: Select your new meeting and click on the Invitebutton to open the invi­ta­tion options. Click on “Copy Invi­ta­tion” to copy all details to your clip­board. Then open any email client (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) and paste the details in an email to send to your parti­ci­pants. Now your parti­ci­pants have the upco­ming meeting details inclu­ding steps to join.

Start your Scheduled Online Meeting

On the day of the meeting, open the Start Session drawer and your meeting will be listed there. Double-click on it and the meeting will begin.

Start Scheduled Session

If your parti­ci­pants are so keen that they join a few minutes before you start the meeting, no problem! They will land in the waiting room and will be connected to your meeting as soon as you start it.

Can I Use the Same Session ID again?

Yes – this is a common ques­tion and the answer is a nice feature of Mikogo. Once you sche­dule a meeting, the asso­ciated session ID is saved in your account. You can open your sche­duler and double-click on the meeting for it to start with the same session ID. You can do this on any day, at any time. This allows you to keep a session ID and use it again and again for meetings you repeat on a regular basis.

Discus­sion: do you use the sche­duler to plan your online meetings in advance? Or are you more of a meeting on-the-fly person?

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