How to Use Free Teleconferencing Numbers for Your Online Meetings

Over the last couple of months we have shared some blog posts and handy tips for how to get the most out of your VoIP calls. These arti­cles have been in light of the offi­cial release of Mikogo Version 5 with its voice confe­ren­cing features.
If you’ve been recently getting more acquainted with Version 5 and our voice confe­ren­cing features, you may have noticed that in addi­tion to the VoIP feature we also provide a list of tele­phone numbers for multiple coun­tries. We refer to these as the Mikogo telecon­fe­ren­cing numbers. And they can save you a fortune on your phone bill. Good-bye inter­na­tional confe­rence call costs!

Teleconferencing vs. VoIP

Just a quick sum up on the diffe­rences here before we dive into this article… VoIP refers to calls that take place over the Web through your computer and Internet connec­tion. It’s built into the soft­ware. To parti­ci­pate in a VoIP call you will need working spea­kers and a micro­phone on your computer.
Don’t have a working micro­phone or spea­kers? Or perhaps one of your parti­ci­pants doesn’t? Then this is where telecon­fe­ren­cing comes into play. This is when you host and parti­ci­pate in a confe­rence call via your stan­dard phone. It could be your desk phone or your cell phone.

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Firing Up a Teleconference with Your Online Meeting

Now for how to use the Mikogo telecon­fe­ren­cing numbers:

1. Select Conference Mode

After you have started a Mikogo session, open the Voice Confe­ren­cing drawer, select “Tele­phone”, and click “Start Voice Conference”.

Start Mikogo Teleconference

2. Select Your Country

The Voice Confe­ren­cing drawer will expand and you’ll see a drop-down menu for coun­tries. Pick your country and a local dial-in number will appear. Call this number.

  • TIP: to get the telecon­fe­rence numbers before you start a session, you’ll find them all listed on our support pages.
Mikogo Teleconference Numbers

3. Enter the Access Code/Session ID

You’ll then be asked to enter your confe­rence access code. This is the exact same as the session ID. But you’ll see it’s provided as the “Access Code” just below the dial-in number so parti­ci­pants joining the confe­rence call know what to do.

  • TIP: if you’re the session orga­nizer, enter the access code followed by the star key. This will give you access to further confe­rence controls. More details below…

If you’re the first caller, you’ll be placed on hold until your first parti­ci­pant joins the telecon­fe­rence. Once they join, the two of you will be connected in a call. As the other parti­ci­pants join, they will be added to your confe­rence call.

And that’s it! You’re all in a confe­rence call.

You can add as many parti­ci­pants to your confe­rence call as you have in the meeting. In other words, if you use Mikogo Profes­sional, all 25 of your parti­ci­pants can join in on the confe­rence call.

These local numbers will save a lot of money for you and your parti­ci­pants. A local number for each parti­ci­pant means nobody is paying for a long-distance call. If someone in the USA is having a confe­rence call with some people in Germany, all parties can call in on their local numbers.

Conference Call Feature Keys

As I wrote above, the session orga­nizer can enable further confe­rence controls. Using the following feature keys on your phone keypad, you can do the following:

  • *2 – Count Parti­ci­pants: Gives you a head­count on all connected parti­ci­pants in the call.
  • *5 – Switch Listening Mode: By default, ever­yone can speak in the confe­rence call. But as the session orga­nizer you can change that:
    Press *5 once to mute all parti­ci­pants. (But they can unmute them­selves by pres­sing *6)
    Press *5 a second time to force-mute all parti­ci­pants without them being able to unmute them­selves.
    Press *5 again to return to open conver­sa­tion mode where ever­yone can talk.
  • *6 – Caller-Controlled Mute: Any parti­ci­pant can press *6 to mute or unmute their line.
  • *7 – Lock Confe­rence: Press *7 and no further parti­ci­pants can enter the confe­rence call. You can reopen the call by pres­sing this again.
  • *8 – Tone Control: you will by default hear entry and exit tones during the call:
    Press *8 once to turn these tones off.
    Press *8 a second time to set entry tone off, exit tone on.
    Press *8 a third time to set entry tone on, exit tone off.
    Press *8 a fourth time to return to the default mode with all tones on.

Free Teleconferencing!

There is no addi­tional cost for using the Mikogo telecon­fe­ren­cing service. All numbers are local numbers for each country. The only expense you may pay is the cost of the call charged by your phone service provider. However for many people these days who have unli­mited local calls as part of their phone service package, the cost will be zero.

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