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Companies using Mikogo

Web confe­ren­cing… Remote support… Some might think desktop sharing is left to the tech and IT world – but this couldn’t be any further from the truth. The global use of Mikogo spreads through a great range of diffe­rent busi­nesses and indus­tries. We have even created a sepa­rate section on our website, titled Solu­tions (Edit: now called Custo­mers), dedi­cated to sharing how desktop sharing is the solu­tion for many needs in a growing range of indus­tries. However our Solu­tions section only details a few indus­tries using desktop sharing and Mikogo, which leads us to the topic of this blog post.
We would like very much like to hear from more compa­nies using our soft­ware. If you would like to parti­ci­pate and share your Mikogo expe­ri­ence with others, please read on below.

As you can see in our current Solu­tions articles, Mikogo is used by a wide range of people and compa­nies and we hear more about desktop sharing expan­ding into diffe­rent indus­tries. This means we would like to hear from ever­yone! Whether you’re in a niche or mass market, please feel free to write in to us.

If you have a moment to share a bit about your company and expe­ri­ence with Mikogo, please get in contact with us by sending an email.

When you contact us, please be sure to include the follo­wing info:

  • Your company
  • How you use Mikogo for your line of work
  • Why Mikogo is an important part of your work

Thank you – we’re looking forward to hearing from you and finding out how you use Mikogo in your industry!

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