How do you use Mikogo? Share how you use Mikogo and learn from others

Following the great response and comments we received in our v2.0 feed­back survey as well as the trans­la­tion poll, we thought it would be nice to see how Mikogo is being used. This is a great way for Mikogo users to learn from others and read about other ways that they can use Mikogo’s free screen sharing.

The Polls:
What do you use Mikogo for?
Who do you use Mikogo with?

As there are many great ways to benefit from Mikogo’s free desktop sharing, these 2 polls will give the Mikogo Comm­mu­nity a great chance to hear directly from other Mikogo users on what they can use Mikogo for and who they can use it with. From this you might even find new uses for Mikogo that you hadn’t thought of.

So place your vote in the two polls below and feel free to leave a comment if you would like to leave a little more detail on how you use Mikogo, or if you would like to ask other Mikogo users.

It will be inte­res­ting to see the results and hear from Mikogo users in the comments below. What do you expect to be in the majo­rity? Online meetings or Web presen­ta­tions? Mikogo with colleagues or clients? Check out the polls and see for yourself:[poll id=”2″] [poll id=”3″]

Cheers! 🙂

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