Web Meeting.

Web Meeting

What is a Web Meeting?

To put it in its simp­lest form a web meeting is a tool that brings people toge­ther from all over the world to share infor­ma­tion and ideas. Web meetings can benefit and enhance anything from small busi­nesses to multi-million dollar corpo­ra­tions. This tool allows top decision makers to acces­sibly bring toge­ther their ideas about logos, budgets, campaigns, and any other aspect of the busi­ness they are a part of.

These web meetings are held online through a web confe­ren­cing or meeting soft­ware provider of some sort, and typi­cally have one presenter and an audi­ence that is follo­wing along. Such a meeting is known as a webinar when there are larger numbers of atten­dees. Ideas can be shared throug­hout the web meeting through the use of presen­ta­tion toolsscreen sharing, virtual white­boards and polls, as well as text chat­ting and tele­con­fe­ren­cing. Usually these online meetings have a real-time audio from the presenter that is either through their phone service or some other provider. Another popular tool used to train and present items and docu­ments is that of online presen­ta­tion soft­ware.

The way the online meeting is set up is that the parti­ci­pants will usually receive an invite from the provider that has a special link or a phone number that allows them access to the netmee­ting. Once they have clicked on the link then they will be asked to down­load any infor­ma­tion that may be required for the online trai­ning. In fact, online trai­ning soft­ware can be used to form a web meeting. Once that down­load is done they will be taken to the web confe­rence page.

What are the benefits of a Web Meeting?

Web meetings allow compa­nies to enhance colla­bo­ra­tion between clients, employees, and part­ners. This is espe­ci­ally true for large global compa­nies. In order for an execu­tive to make trips to diffe­rent offices to provide trai­ning and counsel in a face-to-face fashion requires a bundle of expenses. It would include airfare, meals, shelter, trans­por­ta­tion, as well as a rented out faci­lity. This can add up quickly and wastes money as well as time. A meeting over the web can allow the same execu­tive to provide trai­nings and presen­ta­tions to other members of the company without having to even leave his office. It can also be done on a moment’s notice. The ability to bring a group of people toge­ther quickly to make decis­ions is a very good asset for a company to have.

Web meetings also allow compa­nies to place crucial infor­ma­tion in a visually plea­sant way to the desk­tops of top profes­sio­nals. It also allows for better colla­bo­ra­tion from company to company. It can also be used as a tool to do an in-depth walk through with a poten­tial client. Whatever the use, web meetings allow greater control over commu­ni­ca­tion from a distance.

While a web meeting will instantly save the user travel expenses, costs can be further reduced via free busi­ness soft­ware such as free desktop sharing.