Web Conference.

Web Conference

A web confe­rence is a great way to gather people in a conve­nient and effec­tive busi­ness setting. It allows people all over the world to sit in on a presen­ta­tion, online trai­ning session, or discus­sion in whatever loca­tion they are in via appli­ca­tion sharing and remote access tech­no­logy. It offers the poten­tial of redu­cing expenses and opti­mi­zing time management.

How do you set up a Web Conference?

Web confe­rences are very easy to set up and use. First you must either purchase web confe­ren­cing soft­ware, or sign up with a free online meeting provider. Once you have chosen a provider that has all the tools you need you can begin your web confe­rence. Your service provider will have a way of invi­ting people to the web confe­rence either through email or some similar source. Once they have recieved the invi­ta­tion they log in using a special link or phone number. Next, depen­ding on the exact purpose of the web presen­ta­tion involved, they will need to down­load soft­ware that is asso­ciated with the web confe­ren­cing provider. After the down­load is complete the service should take you to the confe­rence screen and the online meeting is set to start.

How does a Web Conference work?

A web confe­rence typi­cally has one presenter while the rest of the parti­ci­pants are the audi­ence. On a larger scale, a web confe­rence with many more atten­dees is known as a webinar. On the other end of the scale, a netmee­ting or web meeting are forms of a web confe­rence but gene­rally with smaller attendee numbers.

Web confe­rences can be done in many diffe­rent ways. Many services allow the presenter to have a white­board and use it to write and discuss points that need to be covered. Usually this will be accom­pa­nied by an audio link through a phone-service or another provider. Some online confe­ren­cing services even allow audio confe­rence capa­bi­lity allo­wing you to hear the presenter as well as see their remote desktop. Many times a web confe­rence will have periods of time where there is a ques­tion and answer section so that the audi­ence can parti­ci­pate. Another bonus to web confe­rences is that they can be recorded for future refe­rence. This is espe­ci­ally helpful if the web confe­rence was meant to be a trai­ning session, that way it can be saved and watched over again as a guide.

What are the main benefits of using a Web Conference?

The key bene­fits of a web confe­rence would include an increased level of produc­ti­vity through the use of effi­cient colla­bo­ra­tion capa­bi­li­ties. You will also benefit from reduced travel and trai­ning costs, and the ability to commu­ni­cate at a moment’s notice. There is also the poten­tial of increased conver­sions from the direct inter­ac­tion with clients. This could lead to a return on invest­ments in marke­ting and general communications.