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Mikogo – the Remote Support solution that is:
Remote support

“Technical problems cannot be explained over the phone due to their complexity, and this is where Mikogo helps us through visual explanation. It’s a great time saver, and more importantly it can keep the stress levels to a minimum!”

Daniel Ox

E-Commerce Director, Beat The Brochure

Over 1,000,000 registered users and 3,000 corporate customers

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Remote Support: A Long Distance Solution

Solving customers’ issues can be difficult enough, but when computer support staff cannot see what customers see, fixing problems can become impossible. That’s where remote support comes in.

There have been times in our lives where describing the solution to a computer problem over the phone has resulted in a tiring, complicated experience. However with remote support software you can avoid such situations and assist others remotely, live over the Web via remote keyboard and mouse control during a desktop sharing session. Remote support is an ideal solution for IT support personnel who are looking to assist their clients remotely while simultaneously saving themselves time and money. A relief for both IT personnel and their appreciative clients.

Remote computer support is a way for a support team to gain direct visibility into the problems experienced by customers – through the eyes of customers. By employing this remote support software, a company and its customers can save themselves time and frustration, and instead focus on solving issues quickly and efficiently.

How Remote Support Works: A Real-Life Example

Say, for example, that a customer calls or emails with a technical issue, but he is inexperienced and not very tech-savvy. After emailing this customer for more information, the customer still does not know how to verify their own operating system version or which product version they are using. After the technical team directs the customer to download the remote support software and establishes a connection via a secure code so the customer can share desktop content, the remote assistance staff can view and even control the customer’s computer. The remote help desk team can not only get the operating system and product information they need to address the customers’ problems, but the customer can see and hear what the support staff is doing so the customer can replicate the same steps in the future.

Why Remote Support?

Remote support is convenient, but what are the advantages of such web collaboration over simple email or phone support?

Firstly as business software, a company can use remote support to see everything a customer is seeing to eliminate user error as a cause of the problem. If a customer is making a mistake, support staff will not only be able to correct the mistake, but teach customers for the future. Second, any changes are instant and immediate, as if a remote support team member is sitting right next to the customer. Finally, remote pc access lets the technical team see the customers’ issues through their eyes, letting the company know which aspects of their product are problematic for the user and hence giving valuable feedback and suggestions for product improvement.

Any product will always have issues, no matter how minor. Remote support eliminates the guesswork for support staff, allowing employees to view and solve customer problems without the barriers of phone and email. A solution for customers and companies alike, remote support makes everyone’s lives more convenient and efficient.

Remote Support for companies of all sizes

A secure and easy-to-use remote support tool provides an appealing solution for both small and large companies that can use the software to assist their customers at any time. In fact you can use a remote support tool as often and for as long as you like. Furthermore, with today’s technological advances it is easy to use a remote support solution for both the remote support personnel and their clients. The software is a managed service so there is no need for you to purchase additional hardware nor software. We take care of the entire infrastructure and technology of the remote support software, in order for you to simply download and enjoy. With remote support software at your fingertips, you will immediately gain returns from satisfied customers.

Remote Support that is easy, secure and fast

With Mikogo you can start a remote support session with just two mouse clicks from your desktop. This provides you with a randomly generated 9-digit session ID that uniquely identifies the remote support session. Without any software installations, your client can join the remote support session using this session ID. A remote support session can only be joined with the specific ID. You are then sharing screens with your client, and via the Mikogo features you can request remote keyboard and mouse control. No need for you or your remote support client to make changes to your firewall settings, your network nor proxy servers. Naturally, the Mikogo software employs an integrated 256-bit AES encryption to ensure the protection of your data during a remote support session.

To host your own remote support sessions, register for a free Mikogo account and download the free software to get started.

Remote Support

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Mikogo’s remote support software is saving valuable time and money for businesses all over the world.

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