Remote Desktop Connection.

Remote Desktop Connection

A remote desktop connec­tion can provide a multi­tude of bene­fits for users, inclu­ding busi­nessman, compa­nies, students and more. At its most basic, a remote desktop connec­tion encom­passes screen sharing and remote control soft­ware that allows users to access files and data on a remote computer as if they were sitting right in front of it. The remote desktop can be accessed from anywhere in the world, which is parti­cu­larly useful for those who travel a lot as well as busi­nesses that have several offices in diffe­rent neigh­bor­hoods, cities or even count­ries. The follo­wing para­graphs will outline what remote desktop connec­tions are, how they can be bene­fi­cial and how they work.

What is a Remote Desktop Connection?

Most remote desktop connec­tion appli­ca­tions allow users to access and control a computer remo­tely for remote support. Single or multiple compu­ters can be accessed, even through fire­walls. Diffe­rent appli­ca­tions offer diffe­rent capa­bi­li­ties, ranging from simple to complex. At the simple end of the spec­trum users can share desktop content, and access and transfer files between desk­tops. At the complex end of the spec­trum, users can access and edit files, run programs, print to remote prin­ters, restart and shut­down compu­ters, and help trou­ble­shoot a remote computer, known as remote computer support.

Using a Remote Desktop Connection

Bene­fits of remote desktop connec­tions can be far reaching, espe­ci­ally for compa­nies and busi­nessmen. If you arrive at a busi­ness meeting or confe­rence desti­na­tion and realize you have left some important files on your home computer, a remote desktop connec­tion will quickly remedy the situa­tion. Along those same lines, those who work both at an office and at home don’t need to take a laptop back and forth or worry about remem­be­ring flash drives. While at your office computer, remote access allows you to access ever­y­thing on your home computer and vice versa. Another use people have found helpful with remote desktop connec­tions is for online and team colla­bo­ra­tion. By being able to access and edit files on diffe­rent compu­ters, you and a colle­ague at a remote computer can use remote desktop access soft­ware to view and edit the same files in real time. Finally, IT compa­nies can use a remote desktop connec­tion to help custo­mers with product problems via remote tech support.

How Does a Remote Desktop Connection Work?

Remote desktop connec­tions work in a few diffe­rent ways. Some require instal­ling or running desktop sharing soft­ware on the compu­ters you want to access remo­tely. Others don’t require any soft­ware to be installed, but rather can be accessed through a web browser. They all perform similar func­tions and most are easy to use, so its up to you to deter­mine your needs and prefe­rences when selec­ting a remote desktop soft­ware application.