Remote Computer Support.

Remote Computer Support

What is Remote Computer Support?

Often, help desks are inun­dated with requests from employees across the company for tech support. Not all of these employees are centrally located and may require exten­sive phone support or even a long trip to provide the required pc support. Other times, the problem is simple to solve and requires an extra trip for thirty seconds worth of work. When these situa­tions arise, remote computer support is often the answer resul­ting in today’s remote help desk.

Remote computer support means that the help desk can remo­tely take control of another employee’s work station from a distance via remote access without ever having to leave their seat. This is accom­plished using remote support with remote control soft­ware. Simple and easy to use, remote support allows for a quick turn around time on help requests as well as better allo­ca­tion of employee resources.

How Does Remote Computer Support Operate?

The remote desktop sharing program that provides remote computer support could be installed on all busi­ness compu­ters. But in general this is not always neces­sary. Using a small, simple to install program a help desk worker can access another company computer and then see this computer screen and take control of the computer with desktop sharing soft­ware. They will have complete control over the selected remote desktop machine and will be able to make the required fixes.

This is an ideal way to deal with small busi­ness soft­ware problems. Computer remote support does not offer any control over off line compu­ters. Ther­e­fore, if a computer has been turned off or would require manual restarts it is not ideal for a remote assis­tance support team. However, for soft­ware updates, small fixes, and other tasks that require access to the desktop, remote computer support is the perfect way to ensure that the help desk is able to complete the online computer repair task quickly and accurately.

Is Using Remote Computer Support Safe?

Remote soft­ware is as safe as the company using it. Compa­nies who have invested in secure compu­ting should not find remote support soft­ware systems to be any more proble­matic than any other company IT resource. Access to the remote support tools should be pass­word protected and/or tied to an employee’s company account. When used properly, remote computer support is no more hazar­dous than logging into your own computer.