Remote Assistance.

Remote Assistance

Remote assis­tance provides computer users of all expe­ri­ence levels to get and give tech support with computer problems remo­tely. Many help desks and computer support compa­nies are now provi­ding services through remote assis­tance in order to stream­line their level of service. Soft­ware deve­lo­pers have also deve­loped remote assis­tance programs for several diffe­rent opera­ting systems, inclu­ding free busi­ness soft­ware appli­ca­tions for remote support or remote access.

Who Can Benefit from Remote Assistance?

Any user who is expe­ri­en­cing soft­ware or opera­ting system problems can take advan­tage of remote assis­tance. Once a remote help desk user is given permis­sion by the user to access a computer, they can essen­ti­ally take pc remote control of the computer to trou­ble­shoot and correct any known problems. It is also possible for a remote help desk user to perform soft­ware updates, instal­la­tions and many other important online computer repair and main­ten­ance func­tions. Ther­e­fore, not only the end user, but tech­nical support people can take advan­tage of remote assistance.

Employers can also benefit from remote assis­tance, when it is neces­sary to monitor computer usage and acti­vi­ties of employees. Some remote assis­tance programs allows a remote user to view up to fifty screens at one time. These programs allows viewing and main­ten­ance through a web browser, so the appli­ca­tion itself does not actually have to be running at the time a connec­tion is made to a remote desktop.

What is Required to Use Remote Assistance?

There is no special hard­ware neces­sary to provide remote assis­tance. Two compu­ters with Internet access that are running the same special remote assis­tance soft­ware are required. For some systems, remote desktop support
soft­ware must be purchased and down­loaded on all compu­ters to be accessed with remote assis­tance as well as the admi­nis­tra­tor’s computer. In general, there is a cost for the soft­ware, but free remote support solu­tions are also available.

Before remote assis­tance can be used, it is neces­sary for the end user to either send a request for assis­tance through the opera­ting system’s messa­ging system or for the end user to set up permis­sions for the admi­nis­trator computer to access their system remo­tely. It is critical to ensure that anyone acces­sing a computer remo­tely does not intend to install any mali­cious soft­ware or perform actions that cause further problems with the computer. These days remote pc support soft­ware is well equipped for secu­rity situa­tions, but nevert­heless it is important to always know who it is that you are giving remote pc access to before setting up the neces­sary permissions.