Online Conferencing.

What is Online Conferencing?

Other­wise known as web confe­ren­cing, online confe­ren­cing is a way for busi­nesses to commu­ni­cate natio­nally and globally over the Internet. It is great for large compa­nies to train and commu­ni­cate employees without having to physi­cally meet at a loca­tion, but rather via online trai­ning sessions. This can save lots of time and money on travel expenses and trai­ning tools, and with the right presen­ta­tion skills has helped boost compa­nies to a higher level of busi­ness efficiency.

Use Online Conferencing for:

An online confe­rence is used to host trai­nings, meetings, or presen­ta­tions over the Internet. Online confe­ren­cing involves each parti­ci­pant sitting at their own computer while being connected to other parti­ci­pants, via desktop sharing soft­wareinstant messa­ging and audio confe­ren­cing. Compa­nies can achieve this web confe­rence by either down­loa­ding appli­ca­tions on each of the parti­ci­pants’ compu­ters, or by using a web-based program that sends out netmee­ting invites over email. There are many diffe­rent online confe­rence provi­ders that can deliver these kinds of services.

Online confe­ren­cing can include audio or slide show appli­ca­tions. It is typi­cally one-way, with a speaker and an audi­ence. This makes parti­ci­pa­tion limited because usually the audi­ence only has the option to sign in and watch the broad­cast. But parti­ci­pa­tion for the atten­dees can be enhanced by a number of online meeting features. A webinar is a certain type of confe­rence online and can be colla­bo­ra­tive in that there are ques­tion and answer sessions in between trai­nings to allow the audi­ence to interact. In this type of web confe­rence the speaker can have a visual presen­ta­tion prepared for the audi­ence to follow while only listening to audio of the presenter.

The Benefits of Online Conferencing

Some of the major bene­fits of using online confe­ren­cing involve the acces­si­bi­lity of the service. In times of emer­gency when some­thing needs to be distri­buted among the company quickly and effec­tively, online confe­rences can be set up with the click of a button and on a moment’s notice. This saves the time it would take for indi­vi­dual phone calls or visits from the staff. It also helps to clear commu­ni­ca­tion so important points of infor­ma­tion are not lost down the line.

The main benefit of these confe­rences is the ability to distri­bute infor­ma­tion. Online presen­ta­tions can include slide shows, web tours, text chat, screen sharing, and many other methods of commu­ni­ca­tion. Another benefit is that online confe­rences can be recorded to be looked at again and again by employees and staff that want to remember the details. This ability to save these meetings and view them again is price­less for strugg­ling employees that need some addi­tional guidance.

You can find several provi­ders of online confe­ren­cing appli­ca­tions that have outstan­ding services. Many of them require a fee, but free web confe­ren­cing and free online meeting provi­ders exist as well.