Internet Conferencing.

Internet Conferencing

Internet Confe­ren­cing is a stan­dard in the world of global busi­ness. Instead of wasting thou­sands of dollars on plane tickets, hotel accom­mo­da­tions, and trai­ning tools, compa­nies can now gather in front of their computer screens from all across the world. This not only saves money but it also saves time. With the help of Internet confe­ren­cing, distri­bu­ting infor­ma­tion becomes a simple and effi­cient task.

How Does Internet Conferencing Work?

An online confe­rence works by using web-based soft­ware that allows parti­ci­pants to create a face-to-face virtual meeting. Ever­yone that is part of the Internet confe­rence has either already down­loaded the soft­ware or is able to use the service online to meet at the speci­fied time. Many services allow you to invite parti­ci­pants through email so that the web confe­rence is exclu­sive to the target group. Once you are logged into the Internet confe­rence the meeting usually involves one presenter and an audi­ence of parti­ci­pants viewing the presen­ter’s remote desktop screen. Depen­ding on the service that is being used, the presenter is usually able to illus­trate points and draw objects on a white­board and talk through a voice compo­nent, known as voice confe­ren­cing. Some provi­ders even have chat features, such as instant messaging.

Advantages of an Internet Conference

Internet Confe­ren­cing, also known as web confe­ren­cing, provides a central meeting place without the setting up of tradi­tional meetings in indi­vi­dual offices or renting out a confe­rence room. Expenses from face-to-face meetings can be very costly espe­ci­ally when travel is involved. This includes the costs of renting out a buil­ding, purcha­sing food, and provi­ding trans­por­ta­tion for those that need to be at the meeting. Internet confe­ren­cing is very inex­pen­sive compared to tradi­tional methods. The costs for Internet confe­ren­cing would include member­ship to an online service and a possible long distance phone call depen­ding on what service you use. Such Internet confe­ren­cing or online meeting soft­ware is a lot cheaper than the costs of travel, and even free online meeting soft­ware exists for orga­ni­zing an Internet conference.

Loca­tion is a great advan­tage to online meetings. You can direct the meeting from whatever loca­tion you might be in. This allows you to connect imme­dia­tely with staff and employees at a moment’s notice. Not only that, if you must travel for other reasons you can still sit in on a netmee­ting during the trip through the Internet confe­ren­cing soft­ware. This is a great form of time manage­ment and only requires that you have a computer and a connec­tion through a service.

Internet Conferencing Can Help Employees and Customers

Such an online meeting can also be very useful for presen­ting demons­tra­tions to custo­mers. If you are a soft­ware based company you can walk custo­mers through opera­ting your product. This would also be true for employees for an online trai­ning session. You can use these direct approa­ches to walk your workers through proper use and trai­ning of your soft­ware. Most of these sessions can also be recorded via web confe­ren­cing soft­ware to be looked at later as a guide. It is a great way to start archi­ving trai­nings and sessions for future use.