Free Web COnferencing.

Benefits and Features of Free Web Conferencing

Free web confe­ren­cing is a means by which compa­nies or indi­vi­duals can hold a live webinar or web presen­ta­tion by using the Internet. People can take part in the net meeting from their own computer, and are connected with other parti­ci­pants. A link can be distri­buted by email to all those who are invited to the free web confe­rence and can be either a web-based appli­ca­tion or a down­loaded application.

Benefits of Free Web Conferencing

Busi­nesses benefit from free web confe­ren­cing mostly from a cost stand­point, while employees or indi­vi­duals will benefit from the know­ledge provided by the free web confe­ren­cing. Normally, a busi­ness would have to find a place to hold a meeting. Then, they would have to provide travel to those who they would want to attend the meeting. They may also have to pay for those peop­le’s meals, as well as a place for them to stay. There is also the fact that while these employees are out of the office, they would lose money on the work or sales that that person could be produ­cing had they been in the office. By using free web confe­ren­cing, a busi­ness can cut down on all of these costs, and still have the atten­ding employees go back to their job when the confe­rence ends.

Features of Free Web Conferencing

There are certain features that can be used when having a virtual meeting using free web confe­ren­cing. The person holding the confe­rence can use slide shows to present certain points using a remote mouse pointer to show­case certain points of a slide they are discus­sing. A live confe­rence can also be used during the web meeting, as well as voice confe­ren­cing. Through the use of spea­kers or head­phones, there can be real time audio commu­ni­ca­tion between the person holding the free web confe­rence and the people in atten­dance. Web tours are also a popular feature of free web confe­ren­cing, and can be used to demons­trate how to use a website to the parti­ci­pants. Other features can include white­boards, text chat, and polls or surveys.

Free web confe­ren­cing can be a valuable tool to many busi­nesses, and can be a great source of lear­ning for its parti­ci­pants. Though there are compa­nies that charge for web confe­ren­cing services, the fact that this appli­ca­tion can now be provided for free, such as free online meeting soft­ware, is some­thing that could be a great online trai­ning and infor­ma­tional source for many busi­nesses that can also save them money.