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We have compiled this comprehensive guide to help direct you around our website so you can find the right information and resources for your online meeting needs.

The Online Meeting Blog

The Online Meeting Blog is where you will find best practice articles on how to succeed with screen sharing software for online meetings, sales presentations and web conferencing. You will also find a series of white papers and customer interview articles.

Meeting Resources

If you are interested in further online meeting resources, we have a dedicated page which lists our white papers, case studies, user guides, phone conference guide, and other product brochures.

Mikogo Press Center

All information regarding our recent news, press mentions, media downloads and security details can be found at our Press Center for you to browse.

Free Online Meeting Software

Ready to get started with our free online meeting software? Just download Mikogo to your desktop and click to start a session. You don’t even have to register an account.

However if you wish to receive all our business features, available for the first 14 days, then you can create a free account.

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